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Monday, March 09, 2009

Why having your house on the market bites.

This is the crazy check list of what goes on be each house showing, hence why I hate having the house on the market (I am sure I will forget a few things):

*vacuum entire house
*take out the garbage
*Fabreeze if necessary
*hide dogs in garage (that is a task in itself)- hope to have dog bones
*turn on all of the special lighting in each room
*clean bathroom including counter tops, mirrors, dog food container, towells
*light candles in bathroom around tub
*Open bathroom blinds
*Maybe have laundry going so laundry room smells like Bounce
*Scoop the poop in the back yard
*hide dog beds under the bed
*turn on lamp, open blinds, light candle in master bedroom
*make sure bed is made, hide Kleenex box under pillows, clean off night stand
*Go to kitchen & clean granite, then use granite polisher
*clean appliances w/ stainless steel polisher, hide towells & anything on counter tops
*Polish/Pledge wood furniture/ dust
*Open all doors to rooms, check lighting
*hide all baby bottles, nipples, paci's sterilizers, etc in garage (ugh)
*make sure all dishes are done
*if not doing a crock pot, bake cookies & turn on fancy stove/microwave mood lighting
*open kitchen nook windows
*take bar stools off couches (to keep dogs off them at night)
*light candles on kitchen counter
*turn radio on for outside music
*make sure pool is on
*turn fans on
*hide any mess in the laundry room
*hide diaper pail
*Hide jumparoo, safety fence, all the activity centers, balloon, toys, and anything big baby related from the living room (ugh)
*Play classical baby music in background
*Open blinds in dining room, light candle in there, and open blinds around door and in living room
*Check front door for appearance (bring in garbage cans) and pull any algae out from the front pond
*Check trees'hedges for pruning
*Chances are it will land over a feeding time so feed some babies (and hide the dirty diapers!)

*Greet the people, tell them the dogs are in the garage (which is great b/c our garage is trashed w/ extra furniture- we wouldn't want them to go in there!). Offer to take them to the river out back.

*As soon as they leave, hit all the lights off, blow out all of the candles, put ALL of the baby stuff back in the living room and kitchen, close the windows, let the dogs out, put the bar stools back on the couch, take the dog beds back out from under the bed, shut all the blinds, turn off the radio outside, turn the toilet back on if it was making noise, put away the cookies

and we do it over and over and over again. It esp sucks when you rush home midday from work to do this and then the people show up late. It is exhausting! We had 4 showings over the weekend, two of which I think were very interested but they didnt like the subdivision (neither do we!). Will keep you posted.


Blogger ugottalovemonie said...

Wow. I'm tired just thinking of it all!! And why dont you/the other people like the subdivision? I think its nice.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Knitted_in_the_Womb said...

I sympathize. Back when we "only" had 4 kids we were selling our house. Same kind of drill.

The worst was when hubby decided to remove some paneling from one bedroom over Mother's Day weekend in an attempt to make the room more appealling...and so of course it was a disaster. And then someone called wanting a showing on Mother's Day...driving through town, couldn't come any other day, blah, blah, blah. I BEGGED him to refuse the showing, but he wouldn't. We spent 4 hours cleaning the house. On MOTHER'S DAY.

And the people were tire kickers.

10:02 PM  

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