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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Cool luncheon

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Today's luncheon was with the new Director of Kennedy Space Center/NASA. He is a retired mrine pilot who also did the naval academy. He spoke about the 4000 lay offs coming up when the shuttle program ends in 2010. He is hoping to have U.S. humans on the moon in 2020. Other cool points of interest:
*Orville Wright's 1st flight was the length of the current shuttle.
*In the shade, the shuttle is in temps of neg 100 degrees. Near the sun, it gets to over 300 degrees.
*It takes 2 to 3 days to get to the moon but 6 months to get to mars.
*There are height/weight requirements but they also measure things ike the length from your hip to knee
*Not the softest landings- his Russian buddy had the crystals in his watch fall off on landing
*You are strapped to millions of pounds of hydrogen and when they start up the engines, it hisses and shakes.
*We hear the sonic boom across the state but they don't really on board b/c it is behind them.
*Bread really goes bad in space. Turns to crutons so fast. Fruit also doesnt keep well at all up there.
*He got to watch meteorites enter the atmosphere underneath him while thinking how glad he was they didn't hit him.
*He said watching the lightning storms over Africa was super cool.
*His most important tools on board are scissors to open food and a spoon.
*No microwave on board- they use up too much power.

He had a ton of space stories, I could go on and on. He was a top fav.


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