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I am addicted to school and don't know how to stop going (It's free). I am sooo ready to start a family with my husband and am counting down the days till it happens.I currently have two boys (age 7 and 4)who dance in backwards circles at the site of a leash.

Monday, April 13, 2009

What a weekend

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We had the triplets' Baptism this weekend. It was our first travel experience with them. I learned that anything more than an hour and a half away is pushing it. Everything fit in the SUV on the way there, just not on the way back so we had to use space in Rob & Lisa's car. Everything went well and Charlie's first tooth even began to show this weekend. We also sold our house (and hopefully will have one to move into since we have 26 days to get out......

For those who asked what types of things to pack when traveling with triplets/babies/infants, here is the reminder list I made:

Bottles & drop ins
lids for bottles
diaper bag
plastic bags
burp clothes for the car/stroller
car seats
hand sanitizer
camera & battery charger
toys (books, rattles, etc)
baptism outfits
baby Tylenol
baby vitamins
Charlies reflux med
portable cribs?
water for bottles
pre-made travel bottles
Baptism forms
Church directions
cell phone chargers
bottled waters
stuff to clean the car
baby monitor
various outfits
Feeding schedule chart
food water for dogs!

The joyous time of mounds of laundry and putting gifts away & writingthank you letters is my plan for later today.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The insanity.

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So get this. As you know, we are trying to sell our house. When you have a house showing, lots of meticulous work goes into it. There is at least an hour routine of cleaning, hiding things, and maybe even baking cookies. So we get a call that we have a showing for after my luncheon. Normally, not a problem. I just have to take time off of work. I get home and the pool is making weird sounds. Are you kidding me with this? So I am frantically filling it with more water & tinkering with it after scooping the poop outside (I start outside and work my way in just in case I track dirt in- there is a system to the madness). Anyways- it fixed the problem. Phew.
To make it more fun, all THREE babies have a cold. And for those of you who are around, you also know that the witching hour of when all THREE babies have their meltdowns is between 4:30 to 6. When is the showing you ask? 4:30 to 6:30 was the window. No biggie tho. So lets make it more interesting. when we have a showing, we have to hide all the cool baby paraphenalia. That means the sanity saving jumparoo and activity mats as well. Plus Chaz was at a meeting from 4 to 6 and Looraine had softball. Son of a gun. So after exhausting house clean up and cookie baking, I am on the couch alone with three sick babies.
The people show up and were out front for like 10 minutes (takin pics, too). It was a 2nd showing. It was a caravan of 2 minivans. First a couple get out. Then a baby. Then another kid, then another, then another, then another realtor, and like 2 more people. It was like a clown car or something. So they come in, take a long time, do their thing. And then. they want to see the garage. WHAAAT?!?!? Are you kiddin me? I have THREE babies (one blowing snot bubbles the entire time that I was able to hide) and they want me to show them the garage where the dogs and a mess like no other are. Crap. Miraculously, the kids all behaved. I let the dogs out after I kicked all their kids out. They saw the garage, thought it was cool. And now we wait. Again. Of course, as soon as they left the meltdowns commenced but at least they waited for everyone to leave which was nice.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Can you be any cuter?

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Ridiculous- they are so cute yu just want to eat them up.

Cool luncheon

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Today's luncheon was with the new Director of Kennedy Space Center/NASA. He is a retired mrine pilot who also did the naval academy. He spoke about the 4000 lay offs coming up when the shuttle program ends in 2010. He is hoping to have U.S. humans on the moon in 2020. Other cool points of interest:
*Orville Wright's 1st flight was the length of the current shuttle.
*In the shade, the shuttle is in temps of neg 100 degrees. Near the sun, it gets to over 300 degrees.
*It takes 2 to 3 days to get to the moon but 6 months to get to mars.
*There are height/weight requirements but they also measure things ike the length from your hip to knee
*Not the softest landings- his Russian buddy had the crystals in his watch fall off on landing
*You are strapped to millions of pounds of hydrogen and when they start up the engines, it hisses and shakes.
*We hear the sonic boom across the state but they don't really on board b/c it is behind them.
*Bread really goes bad in space. Turns to crutons so fast. Fruit also doesnt keep well at all up there.
*He got to watch meteorites enter the atmosphere underneath him while thinking how glad he was they didn't hit him.
*He said watching the lightning storms over Africa was super cool.
*His most important tools on board are scissors to open food and a spoon.
*No microwave on board- they use up too much power.

He had a ton of space stories, I could go on and on. He was a top fav.