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I am addicted to school and don't know how to stop going (It's free). I am sooo ready to start a family with my husband and am counting down the days till it happens.I currently have two boys (age 7 and 4)who dance in backwards circles at the site of a leash.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Babies Update 28 weeks

So here is the deal.
I apparently get stressed out whenever I have a doc appt. Most people get excited and look forward to them. Maybe I'm just a freak but with each appt, I worry that a.) they will find something wrong b.) they will not let me go home and will put me on hospital bed rest for months.

Here are the updates and stories from todays appt at the hospital w/ the high risk specialists (it was cool by the way, so no worries).

I am supposed to monitor my blood pressure so my mom sent me a super cool blood pressure monitor. Normally I am corpse like with 98/60 (the norm is 120/80). They watch for high blood pressure. So last night while thinking about the next days appt my reading was 121 over 71 (astronomically high for me I thought, normal for most people). So of course I'm thinking they will keep me there when I go in.
Then there was the issue of the swollen feet. I drank lots of water (blah) and elevated my feet only to awaken to my feet twice as big. Whaaat!? They retained that water I drank. So surely I am thinking they will keep my. :(
Then there was the issue where at night I think a baby uses my leg nerves in the left leg as a security blanket b/c I can't lift my leg at night (when you have to pee the most of course) so naturally I think the hospital will keep me for that. Needless to say, I could go on and on w/ these small silly worries but you get the jists of it.

Back to the update. We got a tour of the hospitals NICU unit. First of all- it blew the other hospitals NICU out of the water. You have no idea by how much!Imagine Compton v Beverly Hills. We got a 1 on 1 tour and met with the docs and got to see lots of babies. They even showed us babies that were just born at 28 weeks. They were fine. o that was cool. They even gave Chaz the itty bittiest diapers you will ever see. Very good tour.

Then we met w/ my doc. I had my list of questions for her. The babies currently weigh 2 pounds 10 oz; 2 pounds 8 ounces; and the girl is 2 pounds 4 ounces (she burns up the most calories with all of her aerobic activity). So they are all doing better than super. She said the swelling and all the other symptoms were normal. They also checked the cervix which I was worried about since Baby A sleeps on it) and they said it was like Fort Knox. Chaz asked if I need to stop working or even do half days and the high risk specialist said NO- I am doing more than fine :o I asked if there was an indication of a possible due date since the avg delivery is 32-34 weeks and she said NO. I thought we would do the steroid shot today but they prefer to do it when you are closer to delivery and she said I am no where near it. So I'll be. I did all that worrying for nothing. Oh- during the ultrasound all 3 apparently didn't like to woken up to the jelly on the belly and so all three stuck their butts out into separate corners- I so wish I would have taken a pic of my belly! I am starting to get uncomfortable. The kicks have really increased (by all 3) and lets just say Baby A has access to some interesting organs. They also said our babies are long. Next appt is Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The realities of pregnancy that they try to keep secret

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Ladies- here arethe thingsthey don't tell you about pregnancy.
For me, my feet/legs swell up. Not constantly. Mostly when I am at home. This pick was taken at the worst part. I normally have skinny feet and boney ankles. Where are my ankles? I do not know. I saw them briefly this week. Oh- and when you swell- mosquitos LOVE you and think you are their home. I was told how I simply must by compression hose/socks. It's just like buying pantyhose- you look on the bag and line up your height and weight. Mind you I am still 30 pounds before the next size up and look what the socks did to me! Plus the top of the foot is a lovely shade of red which hurts to the touch when it gets like that. I only wear flip flops now but its FL so thats fine.

Andrew (whose wife works in the NICU where we are delivering at) said his wife gained 40 pounds each time she was pregnant. He said therefore I can gain 120! Technically I can swallow my sister! So far I am right on track w/ 60 pounds (aka a Golden Retriever). No biggie.

Oh- the other thing no one else talks about. So when I am laying down, I think one of the kids rests on some nerve. I can bend my knee just fine but the part where the leg meets the body- I can't lift that at night. You know the brain is specifically telling the leg to move, yet it won't. Weird. That makes it hard to roll over to pee at night.

However, the best part all pun put aside, is the belly. It is flippin awesome to watch people move in your belly in different directions. This will probably be my only chance to take that in and boy do I eat that up. LOVE IT!!! Absolute best part of pregnancy.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Girls really do marry guys just like their Dad

In any other work setting, this would not fly, but it is a different scenario where I work. Now keep in mind, the people I have worked with are like family. They were there for my interview, my 1st house, the proposal, getting Tiger, the wedding, the 2nd house, pregnancy, and all of the small events in between. These are my peeps.

Now keep in mind, my doc has said nothing about bed rest as of yet and I am fine. Charles (and my Dad!) have been pushing for me to work from home. Sigh. Here is my dealio with that. At work, I know I will stay out of trouble. The staff won't let me do anything I shouldn't. I also love the social aspect of the place. If I am at home, I want to clean, organize. People constantly say I should go relax. My way of relaxing is painting the exterior of the house, in the summer, and then doing yard work. Sitting with my feet propped up is like a prison sentence. Plus it makes my feet feel numb. They say I should swim in the pool to relax. People- its cold. I sink. Now if I am in the pool while doing some gardening around the pool- that's another story. Floating in a pool- BLAH.

So I guess I should get to the story. Charles was pushing hard for me to work from home. I said I'd do 1/2 days soon. He wanted me to start now. On Monday I told him I probably would (keep in mind on Monday after work my student org had an evening mtg that I could have gone to but I left a lil before 4 so technically in my defense it was sort of a half day...!). Long story short, Charles had a talk with my boss. (Again, if I was in corporate this would be mortifying but we tailgate w/ my boss so its different). Needless to say I got called into the Dean's office thos morning :o
That is sooo something my Dad would have done.

My boss is so sweet tho. He and Donna didnt want to mention that Charles contacted them but as soon as I walked in and knew what was going on I told them Chaz was in big trouble. They were so sweet tho. They offered to put a camera in my office so I can still see people; they offered to put in a recliner; they told me I could work whatever hours I want from home. Not many bosses would do that. I realize that. So I guess I will do stupid half days :( I have seperation anxiety. Plus if I go into labor I am home alone instead of on campus where most everyone I know is.
So my IT guys at work are doing the VPN remote desktop access to my laptop so I can do things from home.

So I need to act all mad at Chaz but shhh- secretly I think it was cute. Oh and don't get me started how he is now like my folks hero.