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I am addicted to school and don't know how to stop going (It's free). I am sooo ready to start a family with my husband and am counting down the days till it happens.I currently have two boys (age 7 and 4)who dance in backwards circles at the site of a leash.

Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm back!

We arrived safely back home today after a lil over a week of traveling for the holidays. Everything is unpacked and 4 or 5 loads of laundry later!- sheesh. Oh well- as promised I got all of the pics up on Flickr so go check them out. We did our Christmas thing on Christmas Eve as usual at my sister's house.


While down there we also went to Flamingo Gardens. That place is pretty cool.

I think our two most talked about gifts will be the Chinese slot machine and the Honda 4 stroke mage pimp blender. Pictures can't do them justice but here is a sneak peak.



On Christmas Eve night we drive up to Chaz folks house and do Christmas with them. We also got to go out on his Dads ATV (Chaz also went fishing and also on seperate nights we did an entire shift w/ Jeff his cop friend).


I also wanted to show a pic of this crazy ice cream maker that is made in a ball while you play with it- and it is goooood!

I don't think I have ever eaten as much ham in my life before. You can see the dogs wishing they were in the same boat...


We got both sets of parents a Garmin Nuvi GPS. Here is a pic of Chaz showing my parents how to work it. Now thats hot.


This is by far one of my most fav pics. Its so hard to get a family pic! The neighbor took this one.


So my mom gave me this necklace that was my grandmothers. That is super special to me. Here is a pic of me wearing the pearl necklace next to my sis.

And nothing says Happy Holidays like matching rims to your orange hooptie. Home sweet home.

If you really wanna ruffle my brother-in-laws feathers- just mention how much his son looks like MY husband.....freakishly so I might add!

The dogs were a delight on the trip. They love chasing the birds at my folks house.

This trip was my first time at Flamingo Gardens. Everyone should go at least once.

I got a lot of Ben time in :)

as well as some Chuckstar time

Here is a pic of me with my mom and sis. I love this pic.

All in all, we had a fabulous time. More details later- I just spent like 3 or 4 hours on Flickr and I am spent!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

What an awesome weekend

So on Friday, I had an alumni event. We were goin to Sak and were going to roast Rex. First a bunch of us met up at Marty's for dinner then went to Sak and without me knowing (despite me planning the whole thing), Callahan pulled a switch-a-roo and it turns out I was the one being roasted.


The food at Marty's place rocked. His place overlooks our wedding reception site. After SAK, we ended up going downtown as a group and stayed out till 2am :o

Chaz & I had a romantic midnight game of Scrabble.

Then yesterday we went to a party at Nicole's house for the med school peeps and then Santa drove through the neighborhood on a firetruck!

We got to meet up w/ Mike & Lynn for an on campus dog walk!

We got to hang out at the Hitt's crib. Oh- they had the spears that Stearman brought from the Yuki Indian tribe in Bolivia framed and on display in their living room. When she gave it to hiom, she said she had it hand mand from their chief to her chief. That is awesome!

All in all, it has been a fabulous, event packed weekend!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Chicken Noodle Soup

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Sometimes I have luncheons with dignitaries and other times, I get to chill with the chicken noodle soup man. Now that's a cool job.