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It is the start of a new chapter. Me, my husband, and our two boys want some babies!

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I am addicted to school and don't know how to stop going (It's free). I am sooo ready to start a family with my husband and am counting down the days till it happens.I currently have two boys (age 7 and 4)who dance in backwards circles at the site of a leash.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Family Portrait

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Here is the latest family portrait . Don't the dogs look thrilled?!?!

TS Fay

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Yup, still raining.
No damage (usually tree debris is the most common). However, the rain is incessant. The meteorologist said last night "lets just hope this storm goes some where, anywhere else, and become someone elses problem." Blunt & straight to the point. It's not even a hard rain. We have drained the pool twice b/c it was getting a little high) but now I worry about the river behind our house. If you look closely at this pic, see that water under the trees? It is supposed to be on the OTHER side of the trees. It has a looong way to go but if this keeps up, I will have catfish in the pool.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay and other updates

All is well up here. We have gotten some rain, but really it is more like a drizzle. It is cloudy and slightly windy. Getting Tuesday off was more like getting a vacation day which rocked since Abi is in town at our house. So while avoiding the 'death and destruction' of the Fay drizzle, we did a pregnancy photo shoot. She is touching up the photos and then I will post them. She put a few sneak peak ones on her flickr account.

I have hit the 50 pound weight gain mark and it was no big deal but now- it feels heavy! Esp at night when I was to flip from my right to left side. Major production. Last night I woke up every hour and looked outside to make sure the pool didn't overflow w/ Fay- and to pee of course (drizzling rain = urge to pee). It was fine.

I had my normal monthly doc appt today. We did the glucose sugar test & I guess they will call if their is a concern but I doubt it b/c I don't have high blood pressure, at all. Then I was surprised- the avy triplet birth is at 32-34 weeks. My doc said the specialist thinks we can go to 37. Whaaaat?!?!? 36 maybe but 37?!?!? We shall see. That would be close to Veterans Day or my birthday. Time will tell. All is well though.

Friday, August 15, 2008

24 weeks

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Woo hoo! Babies are more than 24 weeks (6 months!!!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

23 1/2 weeks pregnant with triplets

babies 2.jpg
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Yesterdays ultrasound went fabulous.
Baby A weighs 1.7 pounds, Baby B (the girl) weighs 1.4, Baby C weighs 1.6 pounds. I think Baby B weighs the least b/c she is the most active with continual sommersaults and kick boxing (like her Mom she can't sit still). Baby C is the rib/kidney climber. Baby A is face down with determination to be the 1st one out. The boys are in the 70 something percintile for a SINGLETON at this point and Baby B is at the 50 something percintile for a singleton (um yeah- no real data on what triplet weights should be). Translation- we've got some chunky monkies if they are above average weights for singletons and there are 3 of them :)

My blood pressure was lovely and everyone looked fine. No cleft pallets/foots, etc. The end of this week marks the big goal mark of 6 months which is when a pregnancy is deemed viable. That means they have over a 50% survival rate if delivered. At 28 weeks it jumps to 90-95%. The doc said no need for bedrest this month, I am doing fine (phew). I should be gaining like 10 pounds a month from here on out. That will be easy ;) The birthing goal in my head is 32-34 weeks (October 10 - Oct 25)- I hope not Halloween! However, we will hold out for 36 weeks (which is the avg for twins ((Nov. 7 weekend, aka Homecoming).

That's the scoop.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The scoop

So people were asking how our multiples class was on Friday. It wasn't my favorite. We covered a little bit on nutrition and then mostly discussed complications, drugs at the hospital and their effects, things to watch for.Nothing warm and fuzzy. Just factual info so there are no surprises. The 3rd couple showed up to the class. They are expecting twins. At the last class in 2 weeks we will get to go to the NICU unit. That will be cool. Not the one at Winnie but the one at FL hospital. I don't have more to report on the class.

On Saturday my old friend Jen L. swung by (w/ her husband). I haven't seen her in like 5 years. She took a pic. Once I get that from her I will post it.

Now the fun part. We got to go to the triplet Nicole moms house. Here's the deal. We were expecting mad chaos and mayhem. The house was gorgeous. They opened the door and we were greeted by their adorable pug. So we go in and it is quiet. I'm thinking the 3 kids are asleep. Nope. They are all sitting hi a high chair each holding a bottle and watching a DVD and give us a look like "Hey, what's up." WOW. Plus they were soooo cute! They are a little over a year old. Charles grilled them with questions. Their nursery taste was just like ours- similar paint color, white cribs, same taste in toys. She makes it look so do-able. They gave us their triple decker stroller which will be such a life saver!The whole visit was just so reassuring. She had to go into the hospital early though for some complications and said she gained 18 pounds in 6 days So far I am up somewhere between 47-50 pounds.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Leaning to the left

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So this is what triplets at 23 weeks prego looks like when they lean to the left (hence, they knew McDonalds was on the left....). I will try to capture a pic of them when they go opposite directions and make my belly look like a butt. Now that cracks me up. Off to lunch- more later!

Triplet Decker Triplet Stroller

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I will have to devote an entry to last nights visit to our triplet friends house when we get back from lunch. Just wanted to show you the pic of the stroller tho. Now that is cool.


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I snuck this pic of Chaz thru the window while he cleaned the hot tub. He also wrangled a snake from the pool, scooped the poop, saved my earring that I dropped down my sink drain, put my new decal on my car, and sealed the counter tops. Hotness factor of 10+

Friday, August 08, 2008

Ta Da!!!

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Our SUV rocks. Chaz put all three car seats in one row and it fit. Technically that means we still have a row for the dogs and the 'trunk' space for stuff. Would we ever travel like that, probably not- but if we had to we could!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The 'birthing transition plan' meeting with the boss man

So today I had the meeting I have been dreading- The 'birthing transition plan' meeting with the boss man. I do not know one other person on this campus who has had triplets so I felt like I was going in blind. No worries right- the Internet has all the answers. So I did some searches and everything online was such crap (i.e. tell your boss when you expect to leave and for how long...zzzzz so generic). I was hoping to find fabulous check lists and charts to discuss (regarding triplet pregnancies) but apparently those do not exist.

So, I made a lovely "Jill's Transition Plan" and included the stats comparing singleton, twins, triplets, etc; the avg pregnancy lengths; avg time for bed rests for all 3; facts about what to expect so they weren't taken off guard later (such as the NICU); I had future budget stuff done; and the plans for the 15 things that fall under my office. The meeting went lovely. I guess they didn't expect me to bring in facts or an already done transition plan. They asked when I want to work from home (not till I have to- I am more inclined to want to do things around the house and yard if I am there (nesting syndrome x 3), if I am at work, I stay out of trouble- they would all yell at me if I attempt to do something other than sit really!). They were soooo accomodating. The staff here are like extended family really. Most of them were there for my job interview, my 1st house, when we got Tiger, the engagement, the wedding, the doctoral degree, the 2nd house, and now all of the kids. The 'big' milestones. Plus one of my coworkers' wife works in the NICU where I will be delivering. Such a fabulous deal. They also said I can bring the babies in!

Why I dreaded that meeting I do not know. That was silly. I think they also take comfort knowing if anything hits the fan, I am 4 minutes away from the office. So that is the scoop. I have one last thank you card to send off from the shower and I am done.

The nursery

The nursey is really coming together. I want to keep the wood blinds (I got rid of the curtains so the babies don't pull on them) but I want it darker. Do you think I can squeeze the dark shades behind the wood blinds?.....

We are getting the diapers set up. The diaper cake is too pretty to dismantle so it will remain in tact for awhile.

Triplet Baby Shower

How my sister finds these cool things I do not know. A triplet organizer/scheduler?!? Sweet!

In terms of cakes, everyone should do the cupcake cake- know cutting required. Sweet!
Triplet Baby Shower

My hoof

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Woo wee- an they say drinking water is good for you. HA! I did and look what happened. I know longer have an ankle and my toes are being consumed by my foot fat. What is that!?!?

updates galore

So much to blog about!

Marvelous Multiples Parenting Class:
We signed up for the much talked about Marvelous Multiples parenting class. It is 4 Fridays in a row from like 6:30 to 9. I was told that this was THE class to be in so I signed up right away. I was so certain it would be a large class- like 25 other couples, and I would get to meet so many triplet couples. Well we all know what happens when one assumes! It was us and ONE other couple who are expecting twins. Oh well. At least it is a lot of one on one time! The first class was mostly about nutrition, symptoms, the body, etc. We did belly rubs at the end of the class in soft lighting and nice music. The other couple isn't married yet, they are in the process of moving, she just quit her job as a vet opthomologist asst (you interact with weird chemicals a lot) and they don't have benefits or insurance. Ouch. Very nice couple though.

Moms of Multiples Club meeting:
Three months ago I went to my first moms of multiples club meeting. It was pretty far but I met a really cool person there named Nicole. She has BBG triplets and a dog, is also in higher ed, looks like she could be related to me, and has a very similar personality to me. She rocks. Last months meeting was raining cats and dogs so I didn't make the drive. So let me tell you about yesterdays meeting. I am torn.
It took me an HOUR to get there. I brought the GPS but there was so much construction there that all the roads it told me to take - they were GONE! No sign, no road- just gone as of this week. So then I get to the hospital area and it is like a mini city of hospitals with no numbers on any of the buildings. Are you kidding me. Keep in mind my feet are swollen so I am eyeing the valet only to realize I just spent all my cash at babies-R-us. I saw no ATM around so I went to a garage. With the construction, I had no idea where to go so I turned in to a garage that I think was for physicians. Then I worried about what if it is one of those garages where you need a key card to get out! Then it seems like a mile walk from the garage to the hospital, next to train tracks mind you. So not cool. I also had a room name but not a number. So I ask the front desk person and she says it is a basement. Now call me crazy- but most places in FL don't have a basement unless it is by the morgue. Delightful. I stayed at the meeting for an hour but then it took me like 45 minutes to get home. I was spent- traveling by myself in construction w/ no GPS after a full day of work is so not my thing.
There were about 54 ladies at the meeting. I met another triplet mom of all girl trips and one expecting twins. I was talking with triplet mom Nicole and she said how she is working and that really helps keep her sane (wish my Dad was there to hear her say that!). At the meeting they went over everything that was in the agenda. Then one mom who delivered triplets like 2 or 3 weeks ago made an announcement about how one of her triplets died after 4 days (he was a little over a pound). Holy cow- I drove an hour to hear that- now that is stuck in my mind. So I am torn. I meet some really cool people there but the amount of drive time and stress make me not want to go to the meetings. I could drive to Ft. Lauderdale in that amount of time!I am just soooo glad I met Nicole there- she made all of it worthwhile. Speaking of her, she has offered us a triplet stroller :o and we get to go to her house this Saturday and see her and the kids in action! I am thrilled!

This past Saturday we had the baby shower. Holy cow were we blessed. You should check out my Flickr account to see all of the great stuff. We have all 3 of the Graco car seats, the double and single stroller, all 3 bedding sets, 5 years worth of clothes and toys from my sis and Ben, enough gift cards where I was able to get the mack daddy double Medela breast pump. Geeez. It was such a lovely shower. Nicole P. made this beautiful diaper cake and my sis made these 3 peas in a pod candies and triplets lolipops and put the triplets sign outside. It was all just really cool. I'll let you see via pics.

My next appt is on Tuesday but so far so good. I hate drinking water but everyone says drink tons of water so I do now and I retain it all in my feet. I'll post a gross pic of that soon. The weight is also coming on nicely now- I want to make sure I have 3 chunky monkies so me and McDonalds have become BFFs.
I believe Mel & Lori are about 7 weeks behind us with their pregnancy and now Mike & Lynn are about 2 months or so behind us. Pretty cool. More soon- I have to run to my 'transition meeting" with my boss.