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I am addicted to school and don't know how to stop going (It's free). I am sooo ready to start a family with my husband and am counting down the days till it happens.I currently have two boys (age 7 and 4)who dance in backwards circles at the site of a leash.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

quick hello

We didn't get to go on a vacation this year due to finances and everyone has been telling me to go on one so I compromised. I took a wonderful day off on a Tuesday- so scandalous. I had a bunch of things to take care of that morning but afterwards Chaz & I packed up the truck and went to New Symerna Beach. That rocked. The weather was awesome. The ocean was like being in a hot tub. The beach was nearly empty. It was soooo nice. It was wonderful to take a break in the middle of the work week. I will have to do that again soon.

In other news, we had a little run in w/ our neighbor. Mind you, they are nice people, keep their house up just lovely, and in general- are fine neighbors. The problem is the basketball. They have a bball hoop in their drive way that is directly aligned to our bedroom pillows. They have this magical talent where they somehow know anytime we place our heads on the pillow- they start to thump that dang ball. Of course, it is from like 8am to 10pm which technically is legal. Occassionally they will start at 7:30am or go past 10pm. Esp when they go to take out the garbage or come back from a movie- they see the ball there and will shoot it a few times. On one occasion, I was naked in my shower and the ball hit the shower window while I was in there. Nearly gave me a heart attack. Anytime I want to nap, I hear that thud, thud, thud. One of their friends has this obnoxious hyena laugh that drives me crazy. The ball is always crashing into our fence. Granted- there are worse problems to have. We only asked tohem to stop playing one other time. So then last Saturday- Chaz and I were at the tailgate and the game since 7:45am. We got home and had to clean up and we were wiped. Of course- bball starts- just the 1 son playing. So Chaz walked over there and said "Hey, do you mind wrapping up this game? We are going to bed?" Thats all. Simple, straight to the point. It was 9:45pm so this kid must think we are a bunch of old farts but hey- we are. So then 2 days later I get a knock at our door. It was the kids Dad. He came over to bit*h b/c his son said we told him to stop playing bball and to go to bed. Not what we said. So we explained to him what was up. He understands that it is annoying to have the basketball (um yeah- his bedroom of course is on the other side of his house). What annoyed me though is that he said something along the lines of "oh well I have a lot I can complain about you.' Excuse me?! So we asked him what and he said we have a lot of people over. They parked in front of his house. I only recall once for Nicoles shower that someone parked in front of their house (not blocking a drive way or anything). And maybe the dogs barking- BUT they bark at the basketball that slams into our fence like they are supposed to! The whole thing is rather annoying. They are lovely neighbors if it were not for the bball. Both of their boys are trying out for the HS bball team. At least they arnt stealing cars or vandalizing but man does it drive us crazy. I am open to suggestions.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The game


We had a great time at the tailgate yesterday! Gordon came by in the fire truck and I got to go on it! How often do you get a fire truck at your tailgate without catchin stuff on fire of course! That rocked.

Then Knightro came to our tailgate and cooked:

I got to drive peeps around in this golf cart and our limo one:

At the game, Knightro threw us a free shirt:

We had an 80% chnce of rain and didnt get a drop on us. We got our ideal parking spot :) but then again we left at 7:30am! The game started at 3:30. We also won by a landslide.
I had more pics to post but FLICKR is acting up and not loading all of them so that is all you get.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Today we need to talk about my favorite part of my job- the Luncheons.
On Friday I had the VP of FL hospital's neuroscience come out. She was cool. She brought in titanium bolts that go into the body'spine, a squishy brain replica, $5 grand worth of catheters used to unblock stuff, pictures, etc. Very interesting.

Yesterday was a luncheon w/ John Morgan- for the people. What a charmer! This was his second luncheon w/ us. His car made me drool (gorgeous Mercedes...not just the normal one- I'm talking mack daddy in terms of upgrades. Last time he showed up in a 2 door one. This one was a 4 door. He is a magnificent story teller and does a great Johnny Cochran imitation (he was a pall bearer for OJs former lawyer). He also owns WonderWorks, all the Marriottts around here, a bill board company, and many other things. He got into law b/c one of his brothers was a lifeguard for a disney related park and dived in to save someone and in the process, he broke his spine and is paralyzed. That was the start of how he got into personal injury. He talked about his kids. Probably gave out too much info on one of his kids! Long story short- he is a charmer. Oh- and my cowoker had a question about small claims court but couldn't make it to the luncheon. I talked with them about it and they had someone call her in less than 24 hours. I was impressed.

Then todays luncheon was w/ Ybeth Bruzual, the news anchor for Central FL News 13. LOVED her!!! There are just some people you are meant to hit it off with so well and she is one of them. We got into some serious personal girl talk. Oh man was she great! She brought in a video of herself that she made about Puerto Rico - she filmed, edited/cut/ narrated it. I love when speakers bring visuals. She was very animated and personable. One of the best yet! She is 4 months pregnant and 36 yrs old and her husband is 6 ft 7. Super cool. I can't say enough great things about her. Oh- and she is an alum!


In other news, I have already secured our tailgate spot for this weekend. We will car pool this week. I am not giving up that spot!!!
So the game is on saturday against memphis. :) Then the next day I need to make my exam for class. That's my updates.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

work update

Its been an interesting week luncheon wise at work.
First this semester was the fbi special agent. Then was the house of representative (I didnt really like that one. She thought that FL Bright Futures should be need based and not academic merit based like it is. Are you kidding me? Everything else is needs based. So not the right thing to say esp to an audience that was all there based on bright ffuture scholarships). Then was the Munn's lawyer. He was cool. TOday was Cameron Kuhn who bought church street station. He was a delight. After the luncheon I drove him and his entourage by golf cart and took him INTO the stadium and also snuck him in the arena while they were settin up for Bill Cosby.

I also taught my class today.

Still no baby luck on this end.

Those are my updates.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Jill & a grill

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol
So you never know what you will find in my office. Aside from the mounds of cans for homecoming, one student alone turned in 1987 Boxtops to me today. That will so keep us in the competition against the greeks. I also had to buy my student org a grill for Saturday. So till then, I have a grill in my office. some people like artwork, me- I prefer a shiny grill. It adds character.

Todays luncheon was with Rulon Munns from Bogin, Munns & Munns. He was great. He also speaks fluent Japanese, has 5 kids, and is extremely church based which was refreshing. He is very, very different from the other lawyers we have had.
He even brought his wife. I will definitely be asking him back! Such a charmer.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My day Part II Update

So here are the Ben-isms of the week.
He stated that he did not want to go to school b/c he is has agoraphobia (I think I got that right...whatever its called when you are scared to be around people). Then he told my Dad not pick something up b/c he 'would get a hyrnia.' Such good material!

Then Chaz and I have concluded that the fabulous show King of Queens is a parody of us. I think they have a camera in our home. Today for instance, as we watched eating our pasta dinner I cooked, Carrie on the show made a pasta dinner and they sat down and watched TV. It was like watching a mirror. Freaky. Anywho- so on todays episode, Doug saw a pic of Carries mom and how she used to be so thin and before she died she was bigger than Doug and he was worried the same would happen to her. So to feel better- she decided to prove that she was as skinny as the day she wed him so she ran and got her wedding dress, and it didnt fit. So of course- that got me to thinking so I did the same thing and guess what? It fit! Thank heavens! It was actually a lil too big. Hot dog! Am I thinner? Not really (the fat areas just redistributed south which was the fluffy part of the dress- shhhhhhh).

My day Update

Work has been, needless to say- a mad house. No joke- my boss is in my office like every 20 minutes w/ new projects. It stinks in the way that it makes me mad busy but it is nice to know that he thinks I am one of the most competent to handle it all.
So today I had a meeting over in the Towers. I golf carted it over there in between the tower and the new arena- lots of construction going on. Some of the construction guys were lying down on the ground. I asked if they were okay and they said yeah. I figuured they were over heated. So I went in the bldg to my meeting. In the middle of my meeting all of the phones start going off- an obvious emergency. Um yeah- there was chemical spill. That is what I drove through, stopped and asked if that guy was okay, then continued on. Oh joy. It was bleach and something- but that explains my headache.

So then I had a 2 hour noon meeting that I found out about at 5pm the day before. You know how much I hate meetings over my beloved lunch time. BUT it was with the director of nasa who is an absolute charmer- and his entourage. We are trying to set up an intern program of sorts w/ them. I gave them a tour on the limo golf cart and snuck them past some stadium gates so they could see it- I told them how I like to drive Too Fast Too Furious. They totally loved the crazy driving. I showed them inside tower 3 and while stalling to show them a room, I showed them the laundry facility there. Ha! They can show me rocket boosters and I show them a laundry facility!?!?!? Geeez. So at least we got to do a little B&E to the stadium to make up for it! I was impressed that the guy remembered me and told everyone about my wedding story. He also gave me a handful of nasa pins. He rocks.

Monday, September 03, 2007

weekend update

Just a quick hello on this fabulous holiday.
It has been a good weekend. On Friday we met up w/ rob n lisa and went to Circosta's. Then we came to the house and watched Saw 3. I love horror flicks.
On Saturday night just Chaz n I went to Sak Comedy Lab. Apparently the most popular comedian was there that night and we got tickets by the skin of our teeth. We were goin to do a romantic dinner afterwards at this place across from the old lees lakeside that I thought was a cute bistro but it was a wine bar. Nuts. Oh well, good effort.
On Sunday chaz n I went out to a nice breakfast at the IHOP and then mike n lynn invited us over to new symerna beach. It was their parents shin dig so we were the youngest ones there. We didnt get home till about 11pm. Oh! Mike and Lynn got a cocker spaniel- it is brown, about a year old, and named Henry.
Today chaz has a poker game while i work on stuff for my class. We have some house projects to work on till then. That is the excitement.
Oh- and UCF beat NC.