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I am addicted to school and don't know how to stop going (It's free). I am sooo ready to start a family with my husband and am counting down the days till it happens.I currently have two boys (age 7 and 4)who dance in backwards circles at the site of a leash.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Our vacation

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Now if you squint your eyes really hard, you will see the ocean and palm trees.
Okay not really but you might as wekk b/c you are looking at all of our vacation money for the next couple of years.
Oh well. It keeps the house cold. Its too hot to go anywhere anyways!

Beenie Weenie BHC pizza

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So here is the story on this delectable treat.
My student org does an annual Iron Chef dorm style competition in which teams compete to make an entree, side, and dessert using the allocated materials on the table provided (they have 30 seconds to grab ingredients and take them back to their table). All of the ingredients are basic things you would find in a dorm. They also have a microwave to cook with. Thats it. This years secret ingredient (we were nice) was pizza (we put it in the fridge for 2 hours so it was cold- very authentic to dorm life). They had to use the pizza as part of the entree. The desserts were crazy. Some pretty, some gross. Beenie weenie juice should never be used for anything. More pics are on the Flickr account. The judges were our dean, mc, and our faculty in residence.
It pays to be paparazzi- I didnt have to eat anything ;)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Still here

Today is the never ending day.
Tonight my student org has their annual Iron Chef competition dorm style in my building lobby at 7. My dean is so cool and always offers to be a judge. It makes for a looong day though.That and a 6pm Housing meetings. Geeeez.
In other news, we had a new AC unit installed today. We had all sorts of companies come out and give us quotes but found the best one for the money was with Del Air. We got a 4 ton 14 seer unit with a variable something or other....I dunno. I stopped listening when I heard how much it will cost. Poopers.

I was talking with my neighbor and joined the HOA and will be doing the newsletter for my community.

What else...? Oh, the class I am teaching is going well. I have 24 great over achievers.
15 days till game day! Woo hoo!

The luncheon w/ the FBI special agent went fine. There mandatory retirement age is 57 and he was saying something about you have to be no younger than 23 and no older than 37 to be hired for the FBI (b/c they like to keep you for 20 years). I had 1 trouble maker in there who thought b/c he was agaisnt the war that the FBI viewed him as a terrorist and when he was going to ask a question, he said to the agent "I know you know who I am.' Ummmm no- actually no one knows who this kid is. Paranoia. Geeez.

Other than that I look forward too the holiday weekend.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Season tickets

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The 1st game ever on campus is next month and our season tickets are in. Woot!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

weekend update

Just a quick hello despite the fact that hardly anyone else even blogs anymore or responds to the blog but that's okay.

We are having a lovely weekend. I am postponing all of my class work till Sunday. Thursday after work CHaz & I went swimming again. On Friday after work Chaz and I had some lovely wine and enjoyed the sunset on the back patio. We then cooked dinner and Pete joined us. We watched some shows and the movie Hot Fuzz- a cheesy, odd/funny cop comedy. Then Nicole called at 11. Ants invaded their home due to the rain so she and Zack slept over which was a nice surprise.

Today has thus far been errand day. We went to Petsmart, Lowes and Lukas Nursery and will go plant and swim later. Maybe we will take the dogs to campus.
Oh- our football tix arrived!!! They are ginormous. I will have to take a pic.

So here is the WTF of the day. Now tell me what are the odds. Like 2 weeks ago, we went to the pool store. I waited in the car while Chaz went in. I was parked next to a nice white F-150. I look in the store and who is Chaz standing next to (of all of the thousands upon thousands of people in the area)? My cop ex. Are you kidding me. Like they bumped each other and both said pardon me. Then he got in his truck- very fast mind you after he saw me. So then today we are at Lukas Nursery which is over a couple of acres. We are cutting through the potted plants area and Chaz and some guy bump into each other and say pardon me. It is him again. WHAT!?!?!? Are you kidding me with this. Chaz thinks its funny. He saw me and left right away- the way it should be. I think that punk has moved to my county. The odacity.
That was my story.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Reserved Parking

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Sigh- another person gets a reserved spt. They are like $900 a year. This means less parking opportunities for the rest of us. Sigh. I enjoy how he spray paints the spot while there are other cars right next to it (including our former Dean's car) with a slight wind factor going on. Good thing I took a pic!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Quick update

I have my first class tomorrow. I'm a nerd and thought it would be nice to email the 25 students in my class and welcome them, give them my bio, tell them where to purchase their texts, etc. Sigh- no one has responded back. I'm a such a loser! Oh well. After work I am meeting with my two teaching assistants for that class. I have never met them before. I have a guy and a girl. TAs are awesome but I am such a do-it-yourselfer it is always hard for me to give tasks to other people b/c I like to be a perfectionist- but by golly I will try! One of the requirements for the class is 10 hours of community service that relates to the environment so I am gonna incorporate Nicole's peeps from Back to Nature. She should like that! They will come in w/ an animal, talk about the impact of all of the devil waterford lakes development misplacing all of these animals into the street and in turn, get hit by cars, etc. Then they will get like 15 options of ways to volunteer with them based on their strengths. Thats my plan so far.
Its the 1st week of classes so the lots are full by 8:10am so I have been getting here at like 7:50 to get a close spot. I have tons of luncheons coming up starting first w/ a female FBI agent. I'd tell you more about her but then I'd have to kill you. J/K. Lots of brilliant peeps coming in so that will be interesting. That is always my fav part of the job.

We are also workin on our 10 Yr Anniversary celebration as a college- we will have some big shin dig in March. There is also the brick legacy program, 1 billion events scheduled through our student org, we have film series going, things happening in the tower, alumni events, tickets for cultural events, etc. Lots of action. I had to spend the morning trying to fix a grant funding mishap where our money person was supposed to be paying for my summer program through a specific grant account and was using the wrong one. That was fun to figure out. Not. It's cleaned up though.

What else is going on....? I am now addicted to that show called Survivorman. Oh, an AC unit typically lasts about 15 years. Ours is 15.8 Sigh. So soon we will start shopping for an AC unit. That bites. More later.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Crazy start of the semester

Hi all,
First week of classes so it is a mad house. First I musst start off with a plug for my HonCon kids for Homecoming- we need cans and Box Tops. Here is a link to where you can find Box Tops: http://www.boxtops4education.com/AboutBoxTops/Products.aspx

In other news, my folks beloved cat Toonces died today. Ironically, so did their good friends cat next door (that cat had a lung blood clot though). Toonces was our beautiful orange cat that would clean out Barney dogs ears and nuzzle up against him for the the past 15 or so years. :(

This weekend Chaz had his team party for the guys he works with. That was a good time. On Saturday we got to see the new Matt Damon movie- Bourne Ultimatum. It was good. They couldnt have picked a better actor for that role (well, maybe Mike Rowe).

We got to do brunch w/ Chaz folks yesterday before I went in to work. I even made it in to the pool! The hottub is working again as well. Oh- Ben started Pre-K today!
Thats all the news. More later.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


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This is the ginormous dragonfly I caught in MCs office. He isn't dead- he was actually flying upside down. Very weird. I released him into the garden where hopefully he won't fly off with any of our students.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jim's girlfriend

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Here is a pic of Jim's girlfriend. Her name is Katryn and they have been dating since January.
Do I like her? Obviously- she passed the dog test with flying colors. Monk knows good people. He even let her touch both of his ears which is unheard of! He also never shows this much affection towards strangers. Unless she was rolling around in bacon before she came over, she soo passed the dog test! She is a year behing him in Pharmacy school. Only child. Did orchestra in HS. Nice, smart girl. Jim upgraded :)

Zack's Baptism

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This morning we attended Zack's Baptism :)
Here is my favorite picture from this morning! It is Zack & the priest in action, Otto making such a cute face, and Nicole matching the flowers perfectly!

What's better than a monkey?

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Having TWO monkeys!
What a character!

Hillbilly Party

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Here we are outside of the Hillbilly party.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just checkin in

I was able to play hookie from work yesterday (I have a ton of comp time accumulated). I started the day by doing laundry and putting Round Up everywhere, followed by a morning swim then off to Ulta for a trim. If you spent $17.50 on Ulta make up you would get a free bag w/ $65 worth of Ulta stuff so I did. I got home & put on one of the lipsticks and it felt all tingly. What the heck? So I read it and it was a plumper. Weird. Doesnr really plump but it tingles and looks good. When Chaz got home from work I insisted we go on a date so we tried something knew based off of Bethanys recommendation- it rocked. Its an Itallian restaurant on Aloma called Circosta's (sp?!?!?).
Then we visited the phanstiels on the way home. Zack has his christening this Sunday at 8am so they have lots of guests over. After that, we had pete come over and we watched the movie called Premonition (starring sandra bullock and julian mcmahon). Really interesting movie.

Today we will be going to derek n simones hillbilly party. Should be entertaining. More soon.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


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This picture is a representation of how I felt when I saw Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs last night.
He filmed an episode of Dirty Jobs 45 minutes from here (at NASA) and didn't call me or take me up on any of the 10 Dirty Jobs I sent him.
Sigh, I will go take my heart broken self to lunch now.
(However- the rest of that show rocked- he climbed up the highest point of a bridge and stuff- very scary but cool.)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Engagement Photos

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I have two alums who are getting married this Saturday and didn't have engagement photos of any kind so I offered to take a few for them. By a few I mean like 100 but here is a few for your viewing enjoyment. They matched. Their wedding colors are green and purple. That's my story.

Monday, August 06, 2007

My Day

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Key update- yeah- stupid Lasik. My 'lost' keys were where I always keep them. They were just sitting ontop of something black and totally blended in. Ugh!

Anyways- these are my roller sneakers. They are way more comfortable (shin wise) than my roller blades.
Brakes on the front? I'm no expert that doesn't seem like a good idea. I might just be old school though.

Chaz hobby

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This pic shows the bug guard wind guard- heck I am not even sure what these are called?!?!? Anywho- Chaz installed one on the hood and also over the top of the 4 windows. He got the windows tinted a week ago. Very happy with that job. He also had a 'system' installed- not my sort of thing but it makes him happy and 'prepared for some mean tailgating.'

Oh- when we saw The Simpsons movie yesterday- right there on the big screen- guess who was there? That's right. Mike Rowe promoting Dirty Jobs. It was so hot I took a picture with my camera phone. Yup, I'm cool like that.

For class

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I will be teaching a class this semester. I have orientation for it tomorrow. It should be cool. It's a leadership business class. Check out the sweet organized bucket of handouts they give you. So organized. I love it!

Stupid Mondays

What a Monday. I am so getting off on the wrong foot today. I even took the extra time to bust out the curling iron this morning. So I was ready to leave for work, early even. I go out to the car, and my keys are not in my purse. They are like 20 pounds of keys and do not hide easily. So I flip my purse upside down looking, no luck. My back up plan is on the dresser- and they were not there. WHAT?!?!? I never lose keys. Ares youkidding me? So then I trash the Infinity looking for them. Then the Ford. No luck. Not in the living room. My curls have totally fallen out now since I am frantic and searching in the hot garage and outside. Grrrrr! No luck. I dont want to be more late than I am now so I ask Chaz to drop me off on his way to work. MC isn't in till linch time so luckily Feli let me into my office. I had plans for the gym after work but now that I dont have a ride I have to catch a ride home w/ Chaz who has poker tonight so no gym for me. Then my boss scheduled two meetings today- over lunch time. Does he not eat? Who schedules a meeting at 11:30 (not at an eating facility)?!?!? So not cool. So my Monday blows.

Anywho, had a nice weekend. On Friday after work we had Marty, Mike, Adam, MC, Nic, Otto and Amr over for Poker. When they all play- thats my 'me' time so I got to go out roller blading and also tried out my roller sneakers. :)

On Saturday we went to the seminole town mall to take advantage of the tax free weekend for chaz and got like $350 worth of clothes for him for about $90. Thats my kind of shopping. We also went to BJs, Walmart, etc. Nothing too eventful. Met the phanstiels at sonnys. We dropped the truck off at sound advice to get the stereo junk installed. Thats all Chaz- its a boy thing, I dont get it.

Sunday was mega clean up day. I vacummed, cleaned, dusted, 4 loads of laundry, cleans the bathroom floor boards, cleaned both toilets, bleached the shower, trimmed the hedges, etc. Then we met Pete and Bethany for lunch at Quiznos. Came home and did more house stuff. Chaz installed those window cover vent things onto the truck. Then we met Pete and Bethany for dinner and ended up seeing The Simpsons movie. It was okay. I would have preferred it on DVD.

Thats all for now.I'll be frantically searching for my keys this evening!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Cheap way to travel

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This is how we pack MC.


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How cute is this? Tiger loves to always sleep with a stuffed animal. This is his favorite. It was my slipper but how can you take that away from that face?