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I am addicted to school and don't know how to stop going (It's free). I am sooo ready to start a family with my husband and am counting down the days till it happens.I currently have two boys (age 7 and 4)who dance in backwards circles at the site of a leash.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My boobie story

So yesterday I went to Emily's apartment complex to play tennis w/ PW.

Today I went back with Nicole. Things started out great. We were hitting the pink balls back and forth. All was well.
Then Nicole shut the gate b/c she didn't want the balls to bouce out.
It started to drizzle. So we go over to take shelter in the corner of the gate where there is a tree. These storms tend to pass over after 2 minutes.
Well, then the sky opened up. We go to the gate only to find out that we were trapped!
It is one of those dead bolt doors where you need a key to get in and OUT.
We were caged like animals. Of course the fence is like 18 feet high.
Nicole didnt believe me that the gate was locked!
Oh wait- it gets better.
Then the thunder and lighning roll in.
She has a lightning phobia (very justifiable here in FL!).
And we are trapped. So then we think to call someone. Guess what- our phones are on the otherside of the fence in the car.
There is some ganster lookin chick who was sitting in her car in the parking lot who was on the phone the whole time probably laughing at us playing but boy - did we then give her a show.
So Nicole wants OUT of this cage and fast. Are options are:
1. Up and over or
2. Down and under

So we choose option 2.
I hold the fence up as high as I could so she could squeeze out. It only bends one way (inwards to the tennis court).
Now picture this.
Two crazy white girls with soakin wet clothes- I'm talkin ring out your panties soaked- and doing the military crawl on their backs in the water.
So Nicole gets out. Well now I am on the inside but who is going to hold the fence up on my side?!?!? She went out a graceful head first.
I had to go out breech. GeeeezUs!
So she is trying to hold the fence up from the outside. I am shimmying out and lo and behold- the fence gets stuck on MY boobie! Are you kidding me?!?!? So now I am trapped by my boobie on the wet floor under an 18 foot high lightning rod.
Good golly.
We managed to jiggle my boobie and breach body out and then we left. It was soooo funny though and we were covered in dirt.
After it stopped raining- we went on a less confining dog walk!
You don't hear a story like that everyday!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rain Season

Rain Season
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
The storms are coming. It's like clock work during June.

Double rainbow in backyard

Double rainbow in backyard
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Two full rainbows!?!?!?
See the Leprechaun behind the shed? ;)

Just a quick hello

No big news to report.

My Dad had his hernia operation this morning. All went well.

John Hitt had a heart attack which got me to thinking about safety first so I went out and bought aspirin (it thins the blood and stops heart attacks from worsening if taken in time- has to be 81 mg). I bought one for my purse, one for my car, one for the house, one for Chuckstars car, and a bottle for his book bag.

Now that my summer class is over- I am flabbergasted at how much free time there is in a day. Schnikes! What do normal people do with all of this time?

Chuckstar starts his hell week of summer classes this week :(

Aaron Spelling (Dynasty, 90210, Love Boat, Melrose Place) died over the weekend (age 83). I guess now that Charmed was over, he had nothing to live for....(he was the exec producer).

I saw TWO full rainbows last night in my backyard and there was no one to show them to except the dogs! At least I had the camera with me. I'll eventually put the pics on FLICKR. You would think that seeing two full rainbows there would be lots of spectators- but just me....I was waiting for a leprechaun to come out of the woods (okay, more like an alligator but whatever!).

We have all this rain and I learned that my car has a leak- water was dripping inside from the overhead light button. That sounds like an electrical delight.

I only have to work ½ day next Monday. Woo hoo.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Great weekend

Now this past weekend is what weekaends are all about :)
On Thursday night right before bed we decided to throw a lil party on Friday night. We sent out the evites Friday morning and had a fantastic turn out. The food was great, the people were awesome, the games and watersports were a good time.
We didn't go to bed till 3am!

On Saturday we slept in. Then we went w/ Jim to Sonnys and then to Outdoor World/Bass Pro Shop so Chuckstar could buy a fishing pole. Later that evening we met Ott, Nic, Mike & Lynn at RJ Gators then went off to a party at Mikes brothers house down the street. They had hired bartenders and a band there. Sweet.

Today was recovery day. We had peeps over for a bbque lunch. Jim left & now I am at school waiting for Chuckstars group meeting to end. We have very impressive thunderstorms today.

More soon.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Playin hookie

Today I am playing hookie. :) I wasn't feeling well earlier in the week but had my final on Wednesday so I told myself I'd take off to recoop at the end of the week (of course now I feel totally fine!). I did end up getting an A in my class and am now done for the summer (July is mad crazy for me at work...).

So I am inside in the air conditioning listening to the beautiful sounds of someone else mowing the lawn in the 90 degree weather.

Last night I went out and bought some flowers to replant in my lightpost bed. I ripped out the dead ugly ones and was using my little rake in the dirt when I noticed there was no dirt- it was ALL ants :o So I drowned the lil punks and then sprayed ant kill over it before bed. So I will plant today :)

Jims coming to town to stay with us this weekend. We will have a bunch of peeps over tonight. Till then, I have an exciting lazy day planned of laundry, the pool store, lunch w/ PW, gardening, and insurance paperwork- oh and an episode or two of Charmed ;)

Hey crew- if any of ya are interested in camping in September- let me know.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

ooh la la

This website is awesome for baby decorating ideas: http://www.poshtots.com
Thanks mom!


Now don't get all excited- I have no news.
On my lunch break I was perusing the web for baby furniture. We really seem to like the white furniture b/c from experience, matching wood furniture is a bear! When we moved, the wood floors were a different color wood despite having the same name...Then to add pieces over the years & to get them to match is crazy hard to do. White matches everything. Any moms out there- feel free to let us all know what the must have pieces are and what to avoid. I definitely want one of those Lifetime cribs. So no theme yet but here is some cool furniture:


This is the color green on the walls in that room right now:

Again, here is the color of the room. Cool toy box too:

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


All this time I have been spelling defibrillator wrong- who knew there was that first R in the word (probably everyone but whatever!).

So today I went to a four hour CPR training class. It was was really cool. We learned all the CPR techniques, various heimlich maneuvers, other cool things, and we got to use a defibrillator. I want one for my building now- those things are awesome. I went with Emily and it was free. :) I am going to be around a lot of students so it was important to me to get certified. I would love to do what my bro did and become a CERT- Certified Emergency Response Team member.

While I was at the CPR training (no windows in that building)- we had a tremendous storm. It sounded like war of the worlds. When I got out of class though it was clear as a bell. Apparently my building had a direct lightning strike :o We lost power and it shook a coworkers desk in the back of the building. No tree damage or anything.

I met with my group after work for 2 1/2 hours. To all the professors out there- stop assigning so much group work! Group work stinks & a group always gets stuck carrying at least one slacker.

I've been walking the dogs and catching up on all of my junk TV while Chuckstar is in Boston.

No big news to report.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Why everyone should take classes

So today I cracked the code. I learned the secret to life (or at least why everyone should take classes).

I have one 20 page paper left to do this semester and one big group presentation. My group doesn't thrill me so I am basically doing the whole thing. So the plan for today while Chuckstar was in class from 8:30-5:30 was to go to campus and at least do the 20 page paper. Instead- I came up with a bazillion reasons to procrastinate.
Instead of HW I:
*cleaned out and rearranged every drawer in the bathroom, then cleaned the tub, the floors, EVERYTHING.
*Then I cleaned all the toilets. I dont even think they were dirty but its a toilet so a lil scrub wont ever hurt.
*Then I vacuumed. Then I shopped the entire house- including the back patio.
*Then I gardened.
*Then I told the neighbor kid he is no longer our lawn boy.
*Then I played fetch and wrestled with the dogs (requiring me to revacuum.)
*Then I cleaned out all of the bedroom drawers.
*Then I polished all of the wood and disted and even did under the beds.
*Then I cleaned every ceiling in the house including the patio w/ the shop vac.
*Then I cleaned out the shop vac.
*Then I cleaned out the fridge, freezer, and garage freezer.
*Then I cleaned out under the kitchen cabinets and made a pile of stuff for the animal refuge.
*Then I cleaned out our old school folders.
*Then I set up a web cam on the window to scare people off from goin intro the hottub when we are not home.
&Then I cleaned both doggie doors.
*Then I checked email.
*Then I dusted all the living room furniture. Then I mopped by hand.
*Then I rearranged the pantries.
*Then I washed the sliding glass doors.
*Then I watched Charmed and the MTV movie awards.
*Then I did laundry and washed all the bath mats.

I forget what else I did but it is only 2:40! Next I am going to go do yard work and armoral the hot tub and go swimming followed by the community bbque.
I'll do my HW tomorrow.

So what did we learn?:

By taking classes- you will find the time and energy to do anything and everything else!

Friday, June 09, 2006

boring week

This is the deadiest I have ever seen the campus. When you can hear lizard toes individually tap the window as it runs across the glass- schnikes!

No big news to report. Chuckstar and I have been busy with school stuff. In my class, I am exploring the psychological, biological, and sociological reasons behind the Andrea yates class.

In our spare time, we (me & Chuckstar) have gone to see or watched a lot of movies from home this month (King Kong, Bagger Vance, MI3, X-Men 3, The Break Up, Over the Hedge). I'm not a big movie person so this is weird.

I have heard all this hype about myspace.com so I finally joined it. I don't get it. I wasn't wowed.

Tomorrow Chuckstar has class and then has to pack for his Sunday flight to Boston for a conference (my work computer guy will be at the same conference!). I am hoping to learn all about house pond pumps while he is gone so I can buy one and fix/replace our current one. I currently know jack about pond pumps so this should be interesting.

I bought a tennis racket. Now I just need to find people to play. I even bought pink balls ;) No tennis once I get pregnant though- I don't want to take any chances.

Wow, what a boring post this week. There really isn't anything exciting to report so more later.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The best insults!?!?

I survived our big orientation at work. It requires a lot of standing which apparently really knocks a person out at the end of the day. I even forgot to set my alarm last night- I slept on both of my arms and woke up to tingly arms- that makes it impossible to get out of bed.
While at orientation- I was getting the best insults thrown at me. I would sit down with families and answer all of their questions. Then I would get that classic stare- then the inquisitive "How old are you?" My favorite though was the odd stare followed by "Were you in an accelerated doctoral program?" Do I look younger than 25?!?! (I'm not complaining!). I wore a suit. I didn't have in a pony tail.....

I also enjoy the classic "what is your major?" question that I kept getting. Oh those crazy parents! There are worse problems to have- this one is amusing at least.
So then I had a crazy run in with the family. The storyline goes like this:

THEM: Did we hear that you are from Miami?
ME: Yes, North Miami.
THEM: Oh? We are from North Miami.
ME? OH? What street?
THEM: Oh?! 148th
ME: Oh? I was 147th.
THEM: What ave? We were on 11th.
ME? Oh? ! I was on 10th.

So of the 430 parents- I meet the ones that live behind my parents house. How weird is that!?! They have since moved to Ft. Lauderdale but still- WEIRD!

In other news- with summer right around the corner (July heat)- we decided to take preventative measures and get our AC unit cleaned. Holy cow- they pulled so much black funk out. Best $88.88 we spent. With hurricane season here, we want to take preventative measures with the trees. So we met a company at the house today to price how much it would cost to get all the palm fronds off the trees so they don't land on the cars or the pool screen (and would be prettier). It's $55 a tree. We have EIGHT trees. EEEiiiiiiiieeeee. We are going to half to call around. that was steep. Chuckstar doesn't want his 'egg holder' climbing up the trees to do it herself (I'd do all of them except the 40 footer....). Anyone have recommendations for tree companies?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Are you kidding me?!?!?

So after meeting with my doctor two weeks ago, he told me which week I should absolutely try to get pregnant on. So guess what. The exact days are the days that Chuckstar will be in Boston. Oh the bamboozlement of timing. So my story stinks.

Here is an odd question to ponder. Do pregnant people take out their belly rings?

Here is a lovely pregnancy picture for your viewing pleasure: http://dogfightatbankstown.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/pregnant_men.jpg

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Midterm madness

It is so hard to blog when Skygirl has so much cooler things to blog about! And pictures!
So it is midterm time at school. I now realize how much it stinks to cram 16 weeks of class into 6 weeks.
I have so many projects to do over the next 2 or 3 weekends (I shouldn't complain- Chuckstar has way more HW than I do).
So you know when you go to class how there is always that ONE student that weirds everyone out and no one likes.
Low and behold she gets put in my group. Son of a gun.
Last nights class got off topic and started talking about the death penalty and we took a class poll and most of the class is pro death penalty.
I don't understand the others- I mean if someone brutally raped/sodomized and killed your mom, sibling, or spouse- wouldn't you want them punished rather than living for free and be provided with TV, free meals, and shelter that your tax money is buying? I just don't get it.
It is crunch time at work- we have our ginormous orientation next week that is consuming up our entire staffs time. We have 8 or 900 people attend this event so it has to be a stellar show.
Between that and the summer program coming up- it is just sucking up all the hours in the day. But I love it. I hear I am getting a work laptop so I have access all the time from all my various events and summer programs. How awesome is that!
There is a class I would like to teach at SCC but apparently I have to get Myers-Briggs certified. I looked online for training and it ranged from $200-1600. :o
More soon!