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I am addicted to school and don't know how to stop going (It's free). I am sooo ready to start a family with my husband and am counting down the days till it happens.I currently have two boys (age 7 and 4)who dance in backwards circles at the site of a leash.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


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Ben graduated preschool today. How rockin cool is he with his Cars bookbag?!?!? Why his hat doesn't light up I just don't know- I will have to have a talk with my sister!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

weekend update

What a busy weekend. On Friday we went to Arup's party. He lives out in Wtr park. Let me tell you about Arup. Chances are, if you go somewhere- there will be people around that somehow know him. No matter where you go. Even if you leave the state. This guy is more known than Kevin Bacon. It is crazy. We were at another party on Saturday night and met a new girl from G'ville who in conversation, mentioned how she was supposed to also be at Arup's party on Friday. In DC, I run into people connected to him. Very amusing.

On Saturday we woke up early and went to Ft Pierce to spend the day w/ Chaz folks and to fix their computer. I got to go to my 1st auction w/ his mom. We ate at a fancy restaurant on the beach and simply had a nice visit. We drove back on Sunday (after gettin Chaz shoes in Vero) after the Cracker Barrell and then proceeded to drive to New Symerna. Oh- and it is love bug season and we washed the car about four times this weekend. There were so many of them it sounded like rain on the windshield. Ewww. Here is a pic from one of the many trips to the car wash:


On Sunday we went to a party in New Symerna and went boating. I actually got to sleep in on Monday which is such a rarity.

Anywho- got a funny story for you.
So as we were leaving Mike and Lynn, Chaz is already in the car with the radio on and I am standing outside of the passenger seat with the door open. Keep in mind that from Chaz perspective, he can probably only see me from the neck down & cant hear b/c of the radio. So I do the good bye hugs and suddenly this ginormous mutant bug ( a cross between a brown recluse spider/taratula and hornet) lands on my boobie. This is the biggest, freakiest bug I had ever seen. I am surprised I didnt freak out but I didnt want my boobie to get stung so I am stretching my tee shirt open at Mike (pretty much pulling a Girls Gone Wild show...). So Mike tries to help out and puts his face down there to try to blow the mutant alien bug off of my chest area. Didnt work. So then he starts to try to get it off with his hands. Chaz is seeing this and probably thinking WHAT the heck is goin on!?!?!? I am flashin poor Mike, having him blow on my chest area, and then the hands come into play.
He got the bug off and I think I nearly peed my pants laughing. I wish I would have gotten a pic of that monster!

Friday, May 25, 2007

The roof

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So sometimes we have to do the craziest things at work....

We have a prospective large donor who might hook us up with a Coi pond. We needed aerial pics of the garden so Andrew and I volunteered (keep in mind I am scared of heights!). It was so cool though. I hadnt gone up since 2001.

So 1st we went up the hatch door. Unfortunately the spline wall blocked the shot despite climbing on Andrews shoulder onto the spline! I accidentally clocked him in the face with the camera on the wau up. Oops. So then we had to climb down to go to the other side of the bldg.
It was scary but so cool!
So yeah- climbing on to the roof was my highlight at work this week. Its been a rough week.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Derek Monica & Jill April 2007

DerekMonicaJillApril2007 (2)
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Here is a pic of me and my two longest time friends ever. I have known these two for eons! I'm talking back to the 70s! Monica came down for Ds bday party. They rock.

My weekend

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Good weekend.
I got to go to Shogun.
Rob asked Chaz to be his bestman.
On Saturday what started with having just two people over turned into an impromtu rocking party.
My bro's girlfriend is back home despite having a mild heart attack AND pneumonia.
I got lots and lots of yard work done. Chaz fixed the pool tile (with no duct tape) and the floor T molding.
I gave myself a french manicure & pedicure as you can see.
Had dinner w/ friends at Sonnys.
Despite getting too much sun, I'd give this weekend a 10.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

staff appreciation day

So yesterday was our staff appreciation day. We were told to wear Hawaiian shirts and about 1/2 of us did. Made for a good, cheesy pic.


This is my boss' dog Tinkerbella. She is 100% pure muscle and energy.

There was lots of wine at this party. I think I had my own bottle at least. I vaguely remember a chicken walk, pics of feet, and a limbo line I started...... I also learned that in my boss' fridge he has octopus and jellyfish head. Ewww.

In my random pics, I got this great one of my IT guy- check out the wine glass and the roses and he is kinda cenetered which was a total flook of luck. I think I will mess w/ him by putting this pic up on all of the monitors in the computer lab between break!

This is Jessie. She is moving to Canada next month. She is so cool! We will miss her.


Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm back

It is good to be back !It has been an interesting week and as much as I love vacations, one gets home sick!
You are not going to believe this but my brothers girlfriend Chris had a mild heart attack. Last month my cousin Franz had one. What is going on????????
One of my students who is a beautiful girl who is an engineering senior and works on the side as a DJ- she and her boyfriend left Boardwalk apts and he pulled out in front of a car while trying to head south bound on Alafaya. Neither had seatbelts on. Her boyfriend died and she is in a coma (her fam lives in Indiana but are down here now of course). She broke both sides of her jaw, has contusions, broken ribs, etc and when she wakes up, she gets to find out about her boyfriend. Ouch.
On a lighter note, I will be taking both dogs to the vet this weekend. Ouch. I can only imagine what that will cost :(
Today at work is staff appreciation day and we have a catered thing goin on at noon at my boss' house.
I applied for a small grant to pay for my TAs and got it so that always makes for a good day at work.
I have a new student assistant. She started today and she is fabulous.
One of Chaz coworkers is gettin married so we have a wedding to go to on July 7. It is at a church on Broadway that I have always wanted to check out and the reception is here on campus so I am psyched about that.
It has been busy w/ my summer camp stuff- we had sooo many applications and made the final acceptance decisions this week- we broke a lot of hearts w/ rejections. Its crazy b/c you have kids w like a 5.5 GPA so those with a 5.25 were cut. Ouch! Most of the students are in the top 10 of their school. We also have more girls than boys for the 1st time ever- we usually get like 1-2 girls! Now we have 17 :o
Summer started and I am back in school. Nothing new.
We have been meeting with some kitchen contractors. It is fun making the house just the way you want it. I am loving the new door knobs too!
Thats the news.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fav tree

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So this is really called a Fringetree, it is part of the Olive family.
I love it!


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I had to go all the way to DC to see how big Uranus is.

Hee hee.

That never gets old. Sigh. I am so mature...

The ORIGINAL Kermit the Frog

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How cool is that!?


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I got flashed by a tree :o

My fav pics

He so has my vote!

The weather could not have been anymore perfect! It was great for seeing all of the important sites.

Total hottness right here:

Sigh. My 'window' seat on the 767 on the way back. Are you kidding me! Hundreds of peeps on this flight and I get the one row w/ no window! Bamboozled! Oh well. We had a movie on the laptop!

I may not have had a window, but the guy in front of Chaz had gas!

My man took this pic. He is so artistic and hot!

Yeah yeah- we are such tourists!


Now this is just hot:

Highlights of the trip

I am pooped and gotta get ready for work tomorrow so you only get the abridged version of the trip.

Highlights of the trip:
*Upon arrival, Chaz surprised me and told me he had a town car waiting for us. Pimp.
*Free breakfast and Happy Hour at the hotel every day.
*Learning to ride a Segway- in front of the White House.
*The 4 ½ hour Segway tour in the evening around DC seeing every monument.
*A restaurant called Old Ebbitts across from the white house. And the free drinks (Mojitos) and the free strawberry short cake…..
*Seeing the Prez drive past us in his cool line up. Then seeing him fly over in the helicopter.
*Seeing all the monuments & things like the Lincoln Memorial, Arlington Cemetary, Washington Monument, every museum being free (except for the lame International Spy Museum), Library of Congress, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Art, the Botanic gardens, Air & Space Museum,etc
*The midnight stroll on Sunday night and being the only two people at the Washington Monument mall area
*Drinks on the top floor in the open air on the Washington Hotel overlooking the white house
*Sitting on a senate meeting in session
*The feather pillows
*Running into one of my summer camp students in front of the white house
*Seeing the real Kermit the Frog and Dorothy’s red shoes from the Wizzard of Oz and also The Hope Diamond plus seeing the original C3PO and R2D2
*Seeing the JFK gravesite
*Seeing the actual constitution, bill o rights, Magna carta, etc
*The National Archive bldg
*Finding out the real name of my fav tree finally!
*The crazy concert that went on outside our window
*Going to see the changing of the guard ceremony at noon for the Unknown Soldiers (and Abi calling at 11:59! I almost tossed the phone into the river! Oh the mortification!)
*Arranging ahead of time w/ our state representatives for a special tour of the capitol and it was just me n chaz on the tour and we got to go through all the underground tunnels.
*Taking pics of Uranus

and of course- who you go with on a trip makes all the difference in the world and I had the best company.....

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


For those who are weak at heart- or get qweasy easy- do NOT look at the following pic.

So I rushed home today to meet my folks at the house. They beat me by about 4 minutes. So they let themselves in and the dogs greet them :) There is a sqweaky toy on the floor and my Dad kicks it.

No big deal right? Wrong. It is NOT a toy.
One of my boys decided to kill us a gift and leave us an offering. An offering of what you ask?.............

A dead MOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Schnikes!
I had never even seen one in person before. Ewwwwwwww! At least it wasn't blugeoned. I think my little hunters scared it to death. It is now in a sacred burial ground known as the woods behind the house.
It was a sweet gesture of the dogs, you have to make a fuss as gross as it was (and just be glad it wasnt a snake I guess!).


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Door knobs

Our other home improvement project was new door knobs. Unfortunately- we had like TEN doors to replace. Schnikes. So we replaced all of our old goldish ones (we have stainless steel appliances so they didnt match) and we replaced them with cool trendy ones. Here is a pic of the old ones.


And here is a pic of the new ones.


Much more elegant.

We started weeding and the skys opened up :( but we needed the rain :)
Chaz also did the pool cleaning and all.

Oh- and we shaved Tiger down with a slimmer look (I butchered some areas...still learning!


This is what Exhaustion looks like

So today we got on a major home improvement kick before my folks get here. Tiger somehow managed to split the T-mold between the wood floor and tile floor in half. Are you kidding me?!?!? SO of course they dont make the T-mold seperately anymore- or in our style. So we went store to store trying to locate a match. Since we have a T-mold on both sides of the door, we couldnt just repair one and not the other b/c then it wouldnt match. Of course. So these bad boys freaking cost almost $30 each!!! They come in a kit w/ pieces we dont need arrrg. So not only do you have to pull them out, but then you have to chisel the remaining parts (with screwdrivers by hand- OWW). My body hurts sooooooo bad.
Here is a pic that Chaz took as I passed out on the floor with Monkster.


I must say- Mike Rowe would be proud. That was a dirty job.


If you ever thought that your job stunk......

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Imagine dressing up as a cow holding balloons and waving people in off the street and not a single person pulls in.
The cow wins.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Back to normal!

What a busy week.
We get back from NC super late at night (I guess super early in the morning technical) and had to be at work by 8am. Right after work on Monday we had to rush downtown for our meeting with our financial planner. His kid is gonna be one of my students next semester. Awww.
I worked out the details with my boss to take over that class in the fall. :)
On Tuesday after a full day of work I had the graduation banquet afterwards that goes till 9. Schnikes.
On Wednesday after work we had a 2 ½ hour meeting after work with Lowes to discuss remodeling.
Today after work we have another meeting with a contractor to discuss remodeling.
Tomorrow after work we have a Poker tournament and on Saturday we have a bday party to attend.
Things are back to normal! Next week is our DC trip and my folks will be house sitting. When I get back school starts (it should be my last class. Should being the operative word!)....
I am in desperate need of finding 4 hours to just do house and yard work though.