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I am addicted to school and don't know how to stop going (It's free). I am sooo ready to start a family with my husband and am counting down the days till it happens.I currently have two boys (age 7 and 4)who dance in backwards circles at the site of a leash.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


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Our vacuum bit the dust so we broke down and bought the Dyson mack daddy of all vacuums (for pets). So far it is rocking my world. The only sensible way to buy one of these is from Bed Bath & Beyond w/ a 20% off coupon Otherwise you would have to sell some kidneys....
So far so good. With our two hairy beasts, we can't go 3 days without a vacuum.....

Monday, July 30, 2007

Cat Bliss

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This is my folks cats enjoying all of the birds that visit. That one bird is taunting them at the door! You should see the flocks that come in (my Dad loves to feed them bread at the lake).

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just checking in

Well my summer camp is over.
The closing ceremony went splendidly but dang is that a lot of work. Its basically all on me and MC- set up for over 100, the entire program, and clean up, plus then the closing out/clean up of the dorm and goin in to all of the rooms. Ugh! But its done and it was all worth it. My dean gave us both a bouquet of flowers and arup gave us some roses/chocolate/card- awwwww.

After the closing ceremony mark n pj came to stay with us. We went to Shogun, watched Reno 911:miami, went bowling, then stayed up to almost 3am watching Jurassic Park.

The 4 of us met up w/ nicole on sunday at sonnys then went to the mall then chaz n i went to a thank u party thrown by arup, followed by a dog walk.

Thats all 4 now. Just wanted to check in!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I have discovered the secret to weight loss.

Over the past year I have hit my highest weight ever- about 158. According to the Internet, for girls the ideal weigh for 5 feet tall is 100 pounds and for each additional inch you add 5 pounds. Therefore my 'ideal' should be 145. Actually, 147.5 would be the ideal. I've been eating my McDonalds, BK, etc and not going to the gym and in three weeks- I have finally made it back to 145! Are you kidding me?!?!? I haven't done yard work or dog walks in like 3 weeks. I have been eating fast food 2 to 3 times a day for three weeks and now I am 145? So what was the secret you ask? Two words.

Summer camp.

I have been eating, sleeping, thinking summer camp 24/7 for three weeks (well, it ends on Saturday). As soon as my kids leave I am sure I will find that 13 pounds within a week again but by golly I will take a picture of that scale while I can! The constant worrying of what the kids might be trying to get away with, the non stop planning of all the 1 million intricate minute details for each aspect of the program, and of course the field trips all helped. So now I have shared the secret with the rest of the world.


Okay let's discuss the issue we have with Brighthouse. We have had this problem with them for years. Some fool has given Chaz cell phone number as theirs and their cable gets services all of the time. Like they actually make it out to the persons house, but when they call to remind them that a service provider is coming to fix their cable, we get the call. So on more than one occasion Chaz has called Brighthouse to report this issue. They say there is nothing they can do about it and recommend that WE change OUR phone number. WHAT?!?!?!? Chaz brings up the fact that it is fraud. Nothing. He brings up the fact that he has had the # for years. Nothing. He asks them to send them a notice to call and switch their phone # o the correct one and Nothing. Good grief. So Chaz got a call last night from the tech, explained the story and said "Yo- tell the people to change their number" so we will see if that works. It is like a continual run around loop with Brighthouse when it should really be such an easy fix. That was my gripe.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New truck

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Sigh- I have a cold but I promised my mom I would post pics of the new truck so here you go!

It is an F150 FX2. It has the moon roof, back up radar, limited slip differential, fog lights, tow package, satelite radio, blinkie lights on the side mirrors, the little window in the back, the seats in back fold up, side steps are the same color as the truck....I don't know what else you want to know. Pics are on Flickr. We got 0% interest :) and were able to swindle getting the X-Plan despite Chaz not working across the street anymore.

I loved the Mountaineer but the AC just went, the ABS light kept coming on, the back window wouldn't open, it wouldn't eject CDs - everything was happening at once with that car! So thats my story. Enjoy the pics.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The weekend

What a busy weekend.
On Friday after work I took the kids and TAs to FIEA (FL Interactive Entertainment Academy). It's a very hands on tour- pretty cool- they let the kids break into teams and create a model (using legos, figurines, etc) of a video game and present it. The architecture of that bldg is really cool as well. I ordered dinner to be delivered there and then we walked over to SAK Comedy Lab which is always a good time and we also roasted the lead instructor- Arup. I'll get that online.

On Saturday we took the campers to IOA/Universal. PW joined us. The longest wait at Universal was 15 minutes :) and it didnt rain until 2 minutes after we left. Sweet! We ran into Mel & Lori out there as well! After that trip, we went out and bought the F150 FX2! Sweeeet! I'll post pics, don't worry.

On Sunday I ended up going to Flagler in the evening for a day of beauty. I let the RAs mom do my nails (in pink which is unheard of for me) and I let her do my hair. The lead instructor & RA cooked all thses pasta dishes for the campers. Very cool. I was there til almost 11pm! SChnikes. So the RAs folks are super cool and the Dad is a wine expert so I worked it out where he will do the next alumni wine event for us. They keep giving me bottles of wine every time I see them.
Too much to do today so I gotta keep it short!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


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This picture at the storage unit always cracks me up.

I found the answer

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So campus has been hit hard w/ a budget deficit. No raises for anyone. Yet when driving by admissions I saw that they purchased 5 (one didnt make the shot) brand new Dodge Durangos. Are you kidding me with this? First of all, those are pretty big. I am assuming they are for the recruiters to drive to the schools. So rather than something more economical like an Escape, they go w/ pimpin dark tint SUVs. They don't transport people or prospective donors. I'll be sure to wave as my raise drives by me on the street. Sigh.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So odd

Here's the deal. The truck we wanted was in Tampa. We put a deposit down. I expected to get it yesterday. The Tampa people sold it to someone else. Are you kidding me?! Nuts.

Two days ago we had the hot tub repair guy come out to fix it. Of course it worked when he turned it on. So I went back to work. Chaz goes to turn it on after work and what happens? The breaker trips it right off. Are you kidding me?!?!?!?

So then today MC & I are cruising in the golf cart coming back from Housing. Some girls stops us 'b/c we are in A GOLFCART and so we must be important' and proceeds to tell us that the garbage can is on fire. Some fool through a lit cigarette in there or something. So I go to the Kiosk w/ MC and it is closed. Next closest bldg is Lake Hall and it is closed off w/ fence. So I go to math n physics, get the fire extinguisher as we call it in, we are about to spray and two cop cars pull up & spray it for us. It was exciting.

We are working out the details for our closing ceremony on the 28th. Schnikes- only half the parents have RSVPd and we are already up to about 87 RSVPs.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ford F150 FX2

We put down a deposit last night for a truck that is in Tampa. If we like what we see, it is ours.
It is an F-150 2007 4x2 crew cab with a 5.4 liter engine in a dark shadow grey color.
We decided against leather for once since it makes your back sweat (eww) and you stick to it.
It has the fog lamps, rear window that opens, towing package, remote entry on the door, and they are adding on the rear parking assist thing. Cool.
Its a limited Fx2.
We were able to get XPlan and 0% financing. Sweet.
It ncludes a billet aluminum grill, body-colored accents, a chrome exhaust tip, unique 18" wheels, leather-wrapped steering wheel, captain's chairs with accented stitching, and a special finish on the center stack and gage cluster.

So, what separates the FX2 from the average F-150? Plenty, including the following features:
-- a dark billet grille
-- a sporty, deep front valance
-- clear headlights paired with platinum bezels
-- monochromatic paint scheme that blends in the bumper, side mirrors, and door handles with the rest of the truck
-- chrome exhaust tip
-- 18 inch wheels
-- black captain chairs with red stitching, available in clothe or in leather
-- flow-through center console with floor shifter

And this is why Ford is America's best selling truck (and Mike Rowe as the spokesman doesn't hurt....)


We should discuss how fabulous my RAs are.
Last night I visited them in the residence hall and it was beauty night and chick flick night (I man-ified it by calling it Mud & Nails). These RAs were able to convince 98% of the guys to wear a mask. That is unheard of. How fabulous. There was also a nails station for the girls and they were all watching The Holiday.

The one RAs mom gave me a bottle of wine called Le Snoot that has a representation of a mean blonde chick on the front that represents me at SeaWorld. Hee hee.
We will also for the first time ever do a dance- maybe the first one ever in the history of computer camps....seriously! It will be the last Friday of the camp.

Tomorrows speaker is that cool NASA astronaut chick I know. Should be cool.


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#1 reason why everyone should have a Golden Retriever.

#1 reason to Watch Dirty Jobs.

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Need I say more......

Monday, July 16, 2007

sorry card

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So here is the card I received today from my kids!
Now that's entertaining.

I went into the computer lab after lunch where they were all in class and I gave them a big schpeel and said how they better appreciate their RAs b/c they really calmed me down and kept me from sending people home, etc. Then I told them that the 5 students fates will be in their fellow classmates hands and I had them vote by a show of hands if they should be allowed to go on next weeks field trip (I'd say about 89% said yes). They have trash duty for the whole week and whatever else the RAs are making them do. You should have seen how freaked out they were.
Ah good times, good times.

SeaWorld continued

So as per my SeaWorld story, here is what was in the news:

In Orange County, gusty winds were blamed for picking up a back porch and sending it across a street.
The storm happened in the Williamsburg neighborhood near SeaWorld. Residents said they were shocked.
"We were inside. We heard the storm, and when we came out, we saw the lady's porch was wrapped around my car," resident Goillermo
When I got back from lunch, I had an apology card from my students waiting for me. :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

What a weekend

First- the car.
So we are interested in the F-150s. If Mike Rowe promotes them- you know they are good ;)
So we worked out all of the numbers so that they worked for us and went in. Then a wrench was thrown into the plan. Becuase that punk rear ended me in Waterford, my car is listed as being in an accident and it knocked $2500 off the value of my car. F me.
When Chaz worked across the street, he was eligible for this thing called the X Plan where you you just pay a certain amount below invoice. We know this dealer so well that they will get an X Plan number for us so it still might be in our cards. We will see. My car is having some issues so now would be a good time.

Yesterday I took my kids to Epcot. CHaz went as well as MC and Amr of course. What a flawless trip. It rocked. I must say though, during this 3 week camp- I do not sleep or eat right. It is a constant stresser but it does have its moments. OMG- the nest icee ever is the rainbow one in Japan. The funniest part of the trip was the meeting point- everytime someone joined the group- we would all yell "Heeeeey" and we had 1/2 the theme park yelling it back at us. Our group was kicking all the other groups butts in terms of spirit. Long story short- that was the best Epcot trip ever.

Then there was today. EVERYTHING that could have gone wrong- went wrong. Holy smokes.
So first, Chaz was gonna go, but then changed his mind, then changed it back, then we got to campus and he decided not to go.... :( What a bummer. No problem. Then my bus was over an hour late due to some accident on 528. This has never happened b4 but how much does that suck? We had to figure out how to keep the kids entertained and around for over an hour. Plus I had some killer behind the scenes tours lined up- 1st was the behind the scenes tour of Shamu, then of Kracken w/ automatic admission onto the ride, then a tour of how the facility is run. So b/c we were over an hour late, we miss the Shamu thing. ARRRRRG. I didnt do a group pic b/c I was saving it for the Shamu pic. So we rush into the park and meet the guys for the Kracken tour. It was flippin cool- we were very behind the scenes, then 2 minutes before the ride part, this freak storm of hail and thunder and small hurricane force winds blow in from nowhere and we all get trapped in the Kracken engineer center. Are you kidding me? I am trapped in a metal room w/ about 40 high schoolers in a room full of sharp objects and wires that if they pulled, could totally disable the ride for good. F me!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?!? SO we were there for like 45 minutes w/ our 2 poor enginner guy tour guides. My trouble maker kid, he freakin hit a button that turned on a spinning saw. I nearly beat him. So we were trapped in the room - a cool room- but none the less- trapped. It was the closest safest shelter from the freak tsunami monsoon outside...I had plans to hang w/ the kids in the park but after that- I was done! When it lightened up, we went to the 3rd tour- we started in a conference room for like 12 and packed 40 of us in there. That was special. We all know how fragrant wet high school students can be in July......But it was cool- this tour guide showed us how the mechanical operations work in the park- and also how he programs stuff using Java, just like the kids do in class ;) Smooth. Then he pulled up the presentation showing the park and the different duct systems of the park- including Beer School at the Hospitality Center. NOOOOOOOOO! I have kept that place secret from the kids for 5 years. Crap crap crap. So I tell them how they ID there of course. Punks. So this guy has a really cool job so I asked him what his degree(s) in and his reply was "None- just the right place at the right time. " CRAP crap crap!!! Thats not what I want these kids to hear.
So by this point, I am done. I feel beaten. My bus was late, I smelled, I got trapped in a monsoon. No Chaz. I missed my anticipated Shamu tour and group pic, my kids didnt get the cool direct pass onto Kracken, etc.

So then it was time to leave. Here is where it gets interesting. I will tell you straight up- I am a bus Nazi. If you are not early, you are late. I have left the instructor behind before. Everyone knows this. The bus (originally we were gonna leave at 7 but I bumped it to 8 since we were late)was to leave at 8. By 8:15pm, I was missing 5 kids (4 of them were the returners). Oh HELL NO. Now that pisses me off. I need to scare these kids straight b/c I am not having this crap. So one of the RAs parents were on this trip with us. They drove a Tahoe. I left messages on the kids cell phones (that they conveniently left in the lockers...). I repeated 15 times what time the bus was leaving and that I will leave you behind if u r not on time. So I worked it out with those parents (they are super cool) that they would stay behind and drive these punks. So I walked out to the bus, made the announcement that I am pissed, yada yada yada, the bus driver has a family to get to, we have school tomorrow, they are old enough to keep track of time, how rude it was to keep others waiting, and I shouted "bus driver, move that bus!" So some of the kids were like Holy Crap! We cant leave them (they didnt know I had a ride waiting for those kids). And I replied w/ Oh Yes we can.
I think I can guarantee know one will be late for the bus next weekend :)
So the parents were totally in on it and were telling the kids "Oh man, was Dr.Jill pissed, Arup was having to talk her out of kicking you guys out of the program. I cant believe you would be late. " Oh, and we made them pay the tolls. I have been itching to make an example out of somebody and I got to make an example of 5 students. Rock on!

That cracked me up. I will pull them out of class tomorrow in front of everyone as well. But that made my day. :)
Pics later.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

July Rain

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July in Florida= afternoon rain.


So these are my TAs and lead instructors. The RAs are not in the pic. Arn't they fabulous in their matching shirts?! This was taken on the 1st camp night.


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This is the TA that all the girls in the class have a crush on.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

camp update

Tonight I took 1/2 the students rock climbing. OMG I had sooo much fun.
This is such a supportive group that I felt Like I was at the ultimate AA meeting. They each cheered for one another and all of the girls kicked butt. I took a billion pics. I can't wait to see them tomorrow. Then one of the TAs joined us. All of the girls have a crush on this one TA so they were thrilled to have him join us in his work out clothes. So when he got to the top of the tower, I gathered all the girls (and even a guy or two) and told them that we were going to make him blush & be his cheerleader. When he got 80% to the top, on the count of three I had them all yell "GO Casey!" You could see him turn red from far below! That made him fall off the tower a bit but it was so cute! The girls were also thrilled that our 3 instructors were all good looking guys as well. I had fun teasing the TA telling him that the lead instructor not only made it to the top of the tower, but he went up and over as well (he has really never gone with us- and you can't go over it!). This group totally schooled last years group at rock climbing.

The other comp sci camp was in the dorm this afternoon when I swung by while mine were in class. They had some outdoor sport activity going on and got rained on and were all wet trying to do an indoor sport game. I walked in and their director asked me "Well where are your kids?" Um hello- its a school day- they are in class, not doing PE in the middle of the day. He sounded as if I had misplaced all of my kids. There is a bit of a competition between me and the other director but my camp can so totally kick his camps butt- no contest. As I left, I then through in how my kids were goin rock climbing after class in the AC- and his kids were all like 'aww man- why arn't we rock climbing. BoooYa! That's right. My camp rocks, that is why.

So I also tried out Guitar Hero in the dorm while they were in class. Umm yeah- I suck. MC however kicked butt! Now lets talk about MC. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have lucked out w/ my prog asst selection twice now. It is so nice to look forward to go to work so you can hang with the people you work with- b/c you WANT to. If I am not at work- I call her and vice versa b/c we can't wait the 10 hours to tell each other something the next day. That rocks. Same goes for my IT guys and advising crew.

Oh, the wedding I was supposed to do today got canceled. Nuts.
Another interesting tidbit. That horrible plane crash in Sanford- Chaz coworkers bro lived next door to the house that the plane hit the roof on. It missed their house by only 2 feet- and in that room was the sleeping nephew. Geeeez.

In other news, my stud. asst who I hired on for the summer through my grant, I worked it out w/ the school to have her as my intern for the fall. Rock on. She is an AD/PR minor (Dig Media major) so I am going to have her help design brochures, luncheon advertisements, , videos, etc and work in conjunction w/ the media relations dept for some connections for her. That worked out pretty well.

Tonight we were able to show pete n bethany the kitchen and go to dinner w/ them at quiznos. We talked cars and also the big hiring freeze etc at school. It was nice to catch up with them.
Oh- yesterday on my drive home I saw a huge house fire in the distance on a street called Beasley. The whole center of the house caved in. Ouch. I wonder what the cause was.
I am off to bed.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the weekend

So what a cool weekend. Abi surprised me and drove up for the 777 Party. Monica also showed up from Gville! We had a ton of peeps over. The only glitch was that 2 days earlier we got hit by lightning and it fried the hot tub. We will have someone come outto look at that :(
The party rocked tho- had to get the last bit of sanity in b4 the summer camp madness. On Sunday it was the 1st day of the camp and I was on my feet for 8 1/2 hours EEEEiiieeee.
Tomorrow I am taking the kids rock climbing. Tonight we decorated cookies and watched Click and played Guitar Hero.
Oh- tomorrow on my break I am going to perform my 3rd wedding ceremony. Thank goodness b/c that will finally boost my 50% success rate!

summer camp

I'll try to keep up w/ the blog but my summer camp is in full swing. I'm loving it.
I have a total of 31 students, 2 heaven sent RAs, the lead instructor and 7 TAs(1 who insists that he lives in an underground lair...). Its cool. It has your mind constantly working though b/c as you are doing one project, you are planning for the next two projects.
Tonight is joyous b/c it looks like rain and kids wont try to sneak out in the rain so I can get a worry free good nights sleep. I have 14 females this year which is totally unheard of for a comp sci camp. Plus they are beautiful girls. I have 4 returners from last year (we rejected a bunch even). Some brilliant & talented kids, let me tell you. I love getting to know them. I'll be busy w/ field trips on the weekends and the graduation ceremony. Arup does the teaching but I do the marketing, grant writing, budget, class arangements, purchasing, rules & policies, interviewing & hiring, field trip planning, discipline issues, AD/PR, housing arrangements, travel arrangements, ID cards, training, registration, check in, room issues, roommate issues, meal plan arrangements, closing ceremony, promotional videographing, camera man, 1st Aid, special events, speakers, bday parties, bus arrangements, decorating, rec center arrangements, sports, etc. Basically I am on call 24/7 for 3 weeks. Despite the madness I love it. I especially like the parents. It is also the most amount of students we have ever had. Our cap was 30 but we let one slide. For the 1st time ever we share the floor w/ anouther camp- a comp sci camp as well and they apparently bust out big screens and play guitar hero and invited my group. Sweeeet. I'll see what I can do about getting some media attention for the camp. That would rock.

My most common issue with the parents is my look. Listen, its like 100 degrees out and you know what- I am goin to wear a pony tail just like everyone else. Why is that a problem? Because it makes me look like a student and then I have to have the same conversation over and over "Are you really a Dr.? Are you old enough to have your doctorate? How old are you?" Who asks that! It used to bother me so much but after you hit 30, you learn to love. Honestly, there are worse problems to have!

So how cool is this. My brother who is no where around my campus, helps me out without doing anything. I took the kids to get their ID cards and they all didnt bring their HS IDs w/ them for a photo ID which is against their policy- BUT they know carl is my bro (the Director has been to my bro's parties) and says "Oh- she is carl's sister, that is no problem. We can make an exception for her." Score!!!! My bro rocks.

The kids learn all about Java and either cryptography or web development.
Only 18 more days to go!

Monday, July 09, 2007


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I love having Chaz on campus! We both have golf carts and can bring our seperate crews to meet up for lunch.

Snakes in a Pod

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So this just completely cracked me up.
On the 1st floor of our dorm one of the RAs copied the Snakes in A Plane movie for their theme- Snakes in a Pod. It is priceless!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The hypothetical debate

So I wanna get some of your opinions.

Lets hypothetically say there is an imaginary betting pool (with no monies exchanged) betting on a hypothetical exact time that a certain individual shows up to work. If the imaginary individual showed up at lets say 9:05 and imaginary coworker #1 estimated an arrival time of 9:03 and imaginary coworker #2 estimated 9:06, who would you declare the winner?

This imaginary betting pool of people were split. On one hand, most went with the Bob Barker rule of order, such as with the Price of Right's showcase showdown. If you guessed $1 over, you lost despite the opponent betting 12 grand under. The other half argued that imaginary coworker #2 was closer though. However, what if the time was 9:05 and one person guessed 9:04 and one guessed 9:06.......
Please help solve this hypothetical debate.......


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Here is a teaser for this weekends party.
Let there be Jell-O!

Lets just say we had to double fridge it.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

What a great 4th of July

You gotta love holidays.
Today we slept in, I woke up and did Round Up on the front lawn areas. Hopefully when it rained 4 hours later it already soaked in. We will see.
We met up with the phanstiels and the roses at Sonnys 4 lunch.
We came home in time to meet the pressure washer (getting super ready for the 7/7/7 party).
The roses then came over and helped chaz finish the last electrical outlet and watch TV w/ me. Then they drove us to G's new house out in Eustis for a small gathering there.
Afterwards we came home and it turns out the most kicking fireworks show was down the street from us- they spent at least 2 mortgage payments on professional fireworks. Sweet! While out there we started talking w/ my neighbors across the street. Colleen is THE person to know in the neighborhood- she is on the board and knows everyones business. We invited them over to see the kitchen and they were here for an hour and a half :o I think I will ask her to dogwalk w/ me one of these days.
This weekend we have the 7/7/7 party and a wedding to attend (all on Saturday) and my summer camp starts on Sunday so really- chances are I might be awol for the next month. Everyone of my weekends is now booked for the next 5 weeks.
Thats the scoop. Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mutant cherry

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I love cherry season!

Let the holiday begin already!

Why does the Housing dept have to give me issues every year for my summer camp? MC & I labored over roommate matches (based on the blue print of the residence hall). Now Housing is only going to give us certain rooms, and not enough rooms. Are you kidding me? They have been around for years and know by now that legally you can not have the boys room adjoining to a girls room. I don't work for them and even I know this. The camp starts this Sunday. Friday I will be insane but that is fine. Don't even get me started on the Ethernet issues over there!

In other news, the kitchen is 99% done. I love it. We just need two outlet thingees and will be done.
It is all done in time for the 7/7/7 party :)

Monday, July 02, 2007

What a kick in the pants :(

I am so bummed. Today in the mail I received a 'save the date' wedding notice for one of my most favorite undergrad roommates. It is in Tampa.
Why am I so bummed? It is the same date as Rob & Lisa's wedding. Noooooooooooooooooooo!
How much does that suck!?!? 365 days in a year and they pick the same date. Pooooop!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Kitchen update

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We are almost there!
So here is what the granite looks like. We are extremely happy with it. Tomorrow the two remaining glass cabinet doors should arrive and hopefully we can get the last two electrical outlets taken care of. So far so good! We bought touch up paint and thankfully it matched.More pics on the Flickr!