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I am addicted to school and don't know how to stop going (It's free). I am sooo ready to start a family with my husband and am counting down the days till it happens.I currently have two boys (age 7 and 4)who dance in backwards circles at the site of a leash.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

random nothings

I have been slacking on the blog. Yesterday I had a double bruncheon/luncheon. First with NBA player D.Brown. He was cool. He showed up in this amazing Denali that made me drool. The inside looked like a posh hotel. It was all black and looked bullet proof. I was surprised to see he was only like Chaz' height. Really cool guy though- degree in comp sci & a minor in math. Also owns a restaurant. Was able to retire at 32. It was cool. The 2nd one was w/ Senator Nelsons wife. I am not big into politics at all so these are the toughest ones for me. Good turn outs though. I took lots of pics but for some reason my camera formated over them or something weird. That sux.
The NBA player was talking about his life and said how someone asked him "Do you have a lot of friends?' So of course he was like "yeah, I got lots f friends.' So the guy asked him if he died tomorrow, would he have 6 friends (not family) that would drop everything to be pallbearers (sp?) for him? Morbid, yes, but interesting none the less. So he thought about it and was thinkin that certain people wouldnt drop everything. It really makes you think. Thats for sure. Who would your six be?

So I made a dermatologist appt for Tuesday morning. Everyone should. My Dad keeps getting things removed so I have to play it safe.

Em is gettin married in like 3 weeks. She will be out for 3 weeks too :( I gotta go find another weddin present. EEEEiiieeee. Hers is in Las Vegas.

Tomorrow I am presenting a Wonder Years topic for the Advising Office. Its gonna be called Great cheap dates on a Bright Futures Budget. I need to come up with it today!

School is fine. It has lost its luster- I bought my book online on Aug 21st and it is still not here so now I have to deal w/ the hassel of fighting that. I hope the Library has my book. Its a 4 inch thick book. Ugh. I also need to close out my insurance claim w/ state farm but the paperwork is just dreadful. Ewww.

So my folks close on Oct 12. They are watchin my bros house tho the 12-25th or something like that. I am psyched that they are moving (even though they picked my busiest month of the year to do so. I want to get down there & help them paint - I'll have to go during the week probably (might be hard w/ Em out for 3 weeks). This Saturday I have a work shin dig for the hubbies job, next Saturday a weddin shower, Saturday after that is the MS Walk that my student org runs, the Saturday after that is family weekend, & the Saturday after that is another home game and the weekend b4 Homecoming. The weekend after that is Lynns wedding. Schnikes!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dirty Jobs

I have a new favorite TV show to replace Charmed. It's called Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe is the host. That show is the bomb. I watched a marathon of it till 2am last night!

Another good find- they have what is called Golden Oreos. Instead of the boring old chocolate cookie- its like a vanilla cookie. Oh the goodness.

We are off to go get Monday morning breakfast.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Now that was a long week.

So glad its the weekend!
I put in way too many hours at work this week but it was all fun. I got home at midnight after the Psycho movie. Chaz was in NJ. I parked in the garage and was takin out the garbage, bringing in the mail under my arm, talkin to Chaz on the phone, emptying 2 coolers of ice and goodies, dogs barkin, its dark- all of this is goin on at once.....so I hot the button to close the garage door and as its half way down I realize - Oh Crap- I didnt close my tailgate! So I hit the stop button. Now my car tailgate and the garage door have somehow managed to lock together. CRAP! Are you kiddin me!?!?!? So I tell Chaz I gotta go and he starts freakin out with why? but I dont wanna say....Oh geeez. So my vehicle and my house are stuck together. I just watched a horror movie. I'm home alone. Its dark. And my house is wide open. Great.....So my only solution was to move the car 4ward (but to do so i have to move bikes and the freezer). So I do that and fix the problem. After that I had such a stupid adrenalin rush that I didnt go to bed till 2am. I did make it to work the next day before 8 though! My Asst Dean took me out to lunch. He is the bomb. He also stayed for Psycho. We couldnt have picked better.

So Chaz is back from NJ. He had like a solid 8 hours of interviewing. Geeeez. He went w/ his bud Lawrence (also applying). They liked NJ. He is pooped though from the grueling interviews.

We were thinkin of goin to SeaWorld today but I am not sure if he is up for it. Plus I just found out he has to work tomorrow night. Our plan for this morning is to fix the dishwasher.
Chaz got a new phone since his razor was a POS. Now my phone is on the fritz. I have at least 4 calls dropped a day in mid conversation and my voicemail doesnt show up till like 24 hours later. It was fine up until recently....
More soon.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Piggy

Happy Wednesday

Eeek. So I told my boss yesterday that I don't wantto go to the NCHC conference. I feel like such a jerk. I just don't feel like being in PA for my bday & I wasn't scheduled to present at this one so......

This week has been madness. From the fiasco of the SGA tailgate issue on Sunday, having to pick up breakfast for Monday on Sunday, class on Monday night, the Pirates trip last night, the Iron Chef competition tonight, covering for the Knightro coach tomorrow followed by a 9pm film series at work - I am ODd on campus/work. Schnikes. I didn't get to go to the gym last night until about 9:15pm and we stay for an hour. I am ready for a vacation. At least Chaz agreed to go to SeaWorld w/ me this weekend. I am looking 4ward to that. We also discussed Nov bday plans. I told him I would like to go away for a day so he is on that. We will also do a bday dinner before that day. Details later. So work has been hoppin- I am sending off the grant for my computer camp. Been workin on gettin prestigious speakers for the luncheons. Weve been cultivating prospective donors. Doin alumni stuff and updating the database. Plannin residence life events. Workin on promotional materials. Tons of student org events. Don't get me started on the budget stuff. Students coming in with issues. All sorts of stuff. Never a dull moment.
So my hour off between work and the next event, I have to meet Chaz, do a quick dinner, and help him buy a garment bag. I am such a boy- I like to use just one piece of luggage for everything- prob the same luggage for the rest of my life. I am not a garment bag kinda person. But he needs them for his fabulous suits (job interview 2morrow).

I had lunch w/ PW today. Afterwards, we stopped bythe library. he is addicted to books on tape now so we went to see what the library had. They also have language CDs- I went to check out the one on Spanish and someone beat me to it. Grrrrr. I'll keep tryin back though.
Gotta say- I have been sucked into Nip Tuck again. Looks like all the good stuff is comin back this week and weekend (including Desperate Housewives and Scrubs).

Monday, September 18, 2006

Chaz New Suits

Chaz New Suits
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
So here are the 2 suits that Chaz just bought.
Just kidding. These pimp suits are what peeps in Miami buy.

Knightro is the bomb!

Knightro is the bomb!
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.

I shrunk Chaz.

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.

My hooptie

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
So I am going a lil crazy with my camera phone....

I got this stuff a few weeks ago for work.

Man this dog is a cutie!!!

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.

My boys sunning

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
This was taken with my camera phone.

Gangsta Ben

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
I told Ben to pose and this is what I got. What a lil gangsta! Does he not look like a mini Chaz?!?!

Class update

Tonight we had a guest speaker in my class. It was this stunning woman from Kenya. She has her doctoral degree and her research passion is helping students with HIV/AIDS- esp in Africa. It was so interesting to see her talk about this topic b/c she was so passionate about it that she had to collect herself and wipe away tears...
There are some cool people in my class. I really like keeping up w/ the current topics and trends out there. The staying till 9pm part though is rough! So is trying to get out of the parking garage.

It helped that I took a 1/2 day today (waitin for the couch). A nap goes a long way! I love the couch. We can entertain a lot more people now .

Oh! You should have seen how scared the couch delivery guys were when they heard Monk bark. They did NOT want to come in. I told them "Wow- you should hear him bark when he is not sedated- this is nothing!" He wasn't really drugged but they don't need to know that. Plus when Monk barks Tigre will jump in one a solid manly bark as well. I love having dogs!

The Chuckstar Update

So let's discuss how hot Chaz is.
Hotness factor #1 of course being that he completed grad school while working full time. H-O-T.
So now that he is done with school, he has been going to the gym (& helping me w/ work stuff on undays and fixing garbage disposals, etc). But now he is working so hard on this side business stuff. He so has the personality for this (most people in IT struggle with personality...). He & Yvette have met with a lawyer to make everything legal (names, rights, etc- becoming an S Corp). He has met with the CPA after work today. They have been working on logos, coming up with marketing ideas. It's pretty hot. Once all of the legal logistics are squared away, I believe the next steps are website design and then purchase of equipment.
He gets a definite hotness factor of 12 on a scale of 1-10.

He has a job interview on Thursday in NJ but I am hoping he gets the on campus job. We will wait and see what offers are out there. I think the MBA is really going to open up a lot of doors for him.

Mom2 Look Alikes

Mike's Look Alikes

Amy's Look Alikes

Lynn's Look Alikes


Abi's Look Alikes


Chaz has an interview on Thursday in NJ w/ Siemens (but it is for here- thats just where headquarters or something is. He also submitted his stuff for a job on campus. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I put in an app at Rollins.

I'm waiting to hear back from the folks on what weekends they are moving so I can drive down.

For all of you home owners/future owners out there- I have some unsolicited advice for you. Avoid buying reclining sofas. I will never do that again. Our blue ones made blue marks on the wall and when people reclined- it took out CHUNKS of the wall. I plastered and painted this weekend. :) Our new couch arrives today so I have to wait for it from 11:30-3:30 today...
Chaz installed a new garbage disposal for me this weekend. How hot is that?!
I'll try to add pics later this week. Have a great week!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Oh that SGA

Here is another SGA question of the day. Homecoming is coming up so of course they are doing that dreadfull can collection thing (and Box Tops for Ed so save me your BoxTops!). The new rule according to their packet is that they will only collect cans in CLEAR garbage bags. Not transparent ones. But clear. Are you kidding me. So I went to Publix to confirm that my suspicion was correct- they don't sell CLEAR garbage bags. So I emailed them, they opened it, and didnt respond (oooh that is one of my biggest pet peeves!). Arggg to SGA (by the way, Tuesday is ITLAPD- Int'l Talk Like a Pirate Day).

I updated a few pics on my FLICKR. Knightro was on top of the standing pyramid and did a full rotation- thats hot.

Last night me and the hubby took it easy and watched a TV special on Michael J. Fox then had wine under the moonlight by the pool with the dogs as our foot rests.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

More weekend update

Last night we went to dinner w/ some friends at Carrabas. Then we saw that movie called Last Kiss (w/ the guy from Scrubs). Very different from what else is out there but a tad bit depressing, but I still liked it.
Today we ate at RJ Gators and ran into our trainer Isaac. Small world.
I cant wait to see my folks new place!!!

Work Crisis of the Day

Schnikes- todays story stinks.
So SGA has this deal where they charter busses to take students to the home games for $3 a head. A normal bus would cost about $345 so this SGA deal would come to $150. Too good to be true. So the game starts at 2:30. They told us the busses would be available at 9:30am. I had 50 students pay and show up at 9:30. The busses were not there. Are you kidding me. 20 busses are missing and 1,000 students are stranded. No- not 100, but 1,000. We had other board members already holding a spot at the tailgate w/ food for 50. By 11am the bus was still not there. I just happen to work with the bus company that SGA uses- so much I have the main persons # programmed in my cell. So I call her (b/c SGA has no representatives at this huge event) and guess what- the SGA rep (Dan Fox) told the bus company to pick these students up at 2:30. So the only way the bus company knew something was wrong was b/c I called. Holy crap. So the students didnt get to tailgate. The busses didnt start to leave till 1pm and many of them missed the opening (as did we along with tailgating).
We had awesome seats though right behind O'Leary. I think I got some great shots too.
So that was my story.






D's Celebrity Look Alikes

Friday, September 15, 2006

My sister's look alikes (they so forgot Shannon Doherty!)

This Guy is a STUD

Celebrity Look Alikes

Thursday, September 14, 2006

No news for me

Took another test today and still got a negative.

Charles is Official

It's official. Charles & Yvette have their own business, at least legally anyways.
They met with the lawyer again.
Once all the kinks are worked out and the website is completed, I will let you know more.
Charles is the President. How hot is that?!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hell has frozen over and has a new zip code!

Schnikes- I never knew if this glorious day would ever happen but by golly my folks are getting the hell out of Hell (i.e. North Miami/Dad County)!!!

They are moving to my sisters community in Pembroke Pines :)
They close on Oct. 12. It is a 3 bedroom house on a lake. They got a freakishly fantastic deal on the house. You know where I will be in October!!! I have waited 3 decades for this news!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I was replanting my lil bamboo plant that outgrew its lil vase and the rocks accidentally fell into the garbage disposal. Are you kidding me?!?!

Then my Nip Tuck recording didnt record- EEEEEiiiiieeee! I think it also plays at 11 though :)

Did anyone see Dancing w/ the Stars? I cant wait to see how Jerry Springer did.

So the big story of today was that we went to the Men's Wearhouse to get Chaz a suit. We got two fantastic suits (tons of weddings, interviews, etc coming up). However- no one told me how crazy expensive that place can be. Let's put it in perspective- we ended up spending more than double the cost of my wedding dress. BaaaGeeezUs! That place just financially rapes a person. I wanted to tell our sales associate that if I wanted to get raped- I would have gone to prison- at least they give you a meal.

I still have a cold and probably should not have just gone to the gym but I had to walk off the sticker shock from suit shopping.

Work is crazy busy. I am helping to plan the big annual MS Walk on campus. Had a prospective donor come in, budget issues, dealings w/ SGA, database updates, and about 15 events coming up next week alone so its been busy. I might have to call in sick some day this week just to sleep it all off.

Monday, September 11, 2006

hello from class

Blogging from Class
It’s interesting that spell check says the word blogging is wrong. My how times are changing. I am typing in class- we are on our break. I think I caught the bad cold/flu from the eat side crew of my building. I left work early today which is rare. I’d call in sick tomorrow but I have 4 meetings that I would hate to miss. On Thursday I need to cover for the mascot coach so I better be well by then.

I had a nice weekend. On Saturday Mike C had a football viewing party at his house (pay per view game). We got slaughtered L I fell asleep while there b/c I was feeling ill. The hubby won the poker game that was going on though J On Sunday we went out to eat at RJ Gators w/ MC- there is a perfect girl for him that works there & she only works on weekends. MC also has a date this Tuesday w/ a different girl and she seems promising J

Been doing house projects. Next Monday our new sofa sleeper arrives. I cut back the ginormous hedges between our house and the neighbors. We switched lawn companies. However- our neighbors on the east side suck. They have crabb grass and it is starting to creep over to our yard. I might have to pull an Amy and Round Up the problem.

My nephew is 3 and can read an entire book already. :o He also can identify just about any car on the road and talk about its parts.

The world’s worst song has made it to the radio. It is called Chicken Noodle Soup. Here is an excerpt from the lyrics: Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup with a soda on the side.
Um- are you kidding me? Was it sponsored by Campbell’s soup?

Work is crazy busy. There are sooo many events that I have going on which is cool but a logistical nightmare to keep track of. The budgets are insane to keep track of b/c there are 15 accounts I oversee. But its cool. Fall semester has some of the coolest stuff going on.

So the nice thing about being in class is that I get here early and I get to write Chaz’ grandma before class every week. She doesn’t write back but hopefully she reads the letters and stays up to date w/ all of the happenings. She probably thinks I run a zoo due to our pets names.

This week Chaz has two work events that he is hosting. How crazy is that? Somewhere in between them I am hoping to convince him to still take me to the game on Saturday. If I have season tix then by golly I wanna get my money worth.

The dogs are doing well. Tigers hot spots have lessened a lot since I started brushing hum rigorously.

Also this weekend, I went to Remmington w/ Chaz and we played basketball. I was hitting all the free throws so maybe I should sin up to play w/ my IT dept! I brought our 2 basketballs- both which were pretty flat but that worked out pretty well b/c instead of the ball bouncing or rolling away- it would go in the basket then thud- be right there. Sweet! So that was a lot of fun.

I think my parents should move to West Palm. It is in the center between all of their kids and also close to Chaz parents house. Their neighbors were just broken into. I heard they even brought treats for the dogs.

Class is startin- gotta go.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

For all of you LOST fans out there


Are you kidding me with this? A 3rd cast member got in trouble for driving issues over there in Honolulu. Here is my advice to the producers- get them a party bus or a driver already! The show comes back Sept 22nd.

Game Day

Any of you all going to the UCF vs USF game not this weekend but next?

Nip Tuck

So Nip Tuck is back on the air. I was very curious how they were going to start off the season. Julia is prego with a lobster claw baby (I 4get the medical term for it). Didn't see that one coming. Not MR, not a missing leg, but lobster claws. Dr. Troy's shrink told him she thinks he is gay and in live w/ Dr. MacNamara. I think the shrink was Brooke Shields. Needless to say, it was still very entertaining. We stayed up late after the gym yesterday to watch it & it kept our attention the whole time.

So here is my ideal dream for the show. I would LOVE to see Alyssa Milano as Dr. Troy's next love interest. She was his wife on Charmed before he became the source of all evil. That would rock. Is that so much to ask?! Sigh, a girl can dream.

Today's update

I really have nothing to blog about today but felt that I should.
Work lunches are funny. Today I went with my boy posse. It was me, Andrew, Mike, Flea & Casey. On the flipside, Chuckstar usually goes with Yvette, Denese, Sara, Annie and maybe Lynn. My gang asked me if I get mad that the hubbie is at lunch with all of these lovely ladies. Um...hello- I am hanging with enough guys to form a boy band! I think its funny.
Told ya I had nothing to blog about.

After work today me & the hubby had a 6pm meeting with our trainer at the gym. The training session is for a small group of 4. Ironically- the other guy looked familiar to me & he too works on campus- as the computer guy for Health & Public Affairs! Am I a computer guy magnet?!?!? Somethin in the air today I guess. (Plus I got to talk to my bro today- another computer guy). So while at the gym, mind you it was bright and sunny when we left to go, a crazy storm that totally schooled TS Ernesto appeared. The power went out on all of the lights except for the TVs. So everyone didnt even flinch but rather just kept working out in the dark. Very entertaining. So you wanna know my motivation at the gym? At first it was b/c I couldn't get the elyptical machines to stop (I had good momentum going). But now....I have been conditioned like Pavlov's dog. You can only here the TV through your headphones IF the machine is in use. Criminy! That is brilliance. I only wanted to be on this one machine for 15 minutes but stayed on it for 45 b/c of a darn Lifetime movie I was watching. My legs feel like butter.

Tomorrow at work I have Tom MacCubbin coming in. He has a radio station and has written 4 books and is always on TV and has a section in the Orlando Sentinel- he is the FL Urban horticulturalist. I also have the female owner of Harley Davidson coming in later, someone from the Orlando Magic, and a few other cool peeps. My students are doing the annual Iron Chef competition again this month and the Dean has agreed to be one of our judges again.

Time for bed. Catch you all soon!

Gripe time

I have a work gripe today.
So we have one conference room that I use all of the time to cultivate prospective donors, host all my student org functions in, have our staff meetings in, etc. Certain staff members have been junktifying (cool word, huh!?) it as if it were a storage unit. Not that they would actually go out and bring their own items to the storage unit that we have. So last week, me and the guys spent an entire day giving the conference room a face lift. This was hard work with lots of heavy boxes, moving cabinets, tables, etc. It looked fabulous.
Back to the story. So months in advance my student org & I scheduled the conference room for the student org meetings. The 1st mtg of the semester is always large so I contacted the professor in the room next door to the conference room & asked her if she would mind if I moved her to an empty room down the hall so we wouldn't disturb her class. We advertised for this 1st meeting, ordered the food- all the right steps.
Then the DAY OF the meeting- our bldg scheduler comes in and tells me we can't have our meeting in there tonight. EXCUSE ME? She then goes on to tell me how JA needs it. That JA gets priority over our student organization. Are you freakin kiddin me?! Oh wait- it is not even a JA meeting- it is the 500 boxes for JA. Keep in mind, the money collected from our student org goes to pay for some items for JA and now I am being told their boxes are more important than our students! Oh hell no! So first I walk it off so I don't spew profanities to my Dean. I go to see how the conference room looks. You have got to be kidding me- all of the tables and 40 some odd chairs were just pushed to the side and the room looks like absolute crap again after all of that work.
So I tell my program asst that I need her to go in to see my Dean with me (if she is there I will watch what I say so I don't look like a raving lunatic). We walk in- I tell him we need to talk and just shut the door. His 1st reaction was "Uh-oh- closed door meeting- something has hit the fan." So I told him the story- how we fixed the conference room, did the room reservation months in advance, moved a class, advertised, ordered food, etc- all the right steps only to be told this crap. So then he calls in the scheduler. he basically tells her how we are right and she is wrong and the room is ours. How ridiculous is that?!?!?
It is interesting how when I use to come to work, it was like coming to visit family. Now due to two individuals, it feels like I am just coming to work.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Movie Review

Saw The Sentinel this weekend on NetFlix. Good movie! It had Eva Longora, the star of 24, Kim Bassinger, etc. Highly recommend it.

Nip This!

Nip Tuck starts tonight at 10pm!


Monday, September 04, 2006

Long weekends are the best!

Too bad Skygirl left before the weekend!
On Friday Chuckstar went out to play Texas Hold'Em w/ my IT dept. Ahhh- that means a night out on the town for me! I had my last chiro appt finally! I did a little shopping. Then I got to use up my gift card for CheeseCake Factory! I met up w/ M&L down there. Even after eating there, I met my weight goal so I was stoked.
On Saturday me & the hubby went shopping everywhere to find the right match of drapes and a carpet for the TV living room and we finally got it!
Then we picked up Ot-man and his neighbor Rick who I like to call Frank and went to go tailgate. We met up w/ R&L down there. Arup also caught up w/ us down there. The tailgate next to us just happened to be the hubbies old roommate whom we havent seen in 5 years. We went to the UCF game and it was a blast. I love our seats. They are right next to the band so you get the awesome drummers goin. We are also the top row of the lower section which means there is a fabulous fence behind us that we can lean against plus we can stand up w/out blocking anyone & it is a natural wind tunnel so it never gets too hot. Sweeet!Got great pics of the game. We won. Cool time. Cant wait for the next game!
On Sunday we went out and bought a couch. A sofa sleeper- it will arrive in about 2 weeks. We could have gone and picked it up but chances are we'd bust our butts and/or it would rain plus we'd have to borrow a truck and recruit help. We caught up w/ the neighbors after that.
Today we spent hours and hours doing yard and house stuff. It was a good time. We caught up w/ MikeC and now we are just watching TV. Oh! NP cleaned out her closet so I inherited like a months worth of wardrobe. Rock on!
So that was the abbreviated weekend update.

Friday, September 01, 2006

This is creepy!