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Monday, April 30, 2007

More pics

This is a pic of me, Chaz Mom, and 3 of her moms sisters (Faye, Helen, and Jean). Grandma is 1 of 8 kids. They were born girl, boy, girl, boy, girl boy, girl, boy.

I just love the trees in Nc! Check this one out!

Chaz is going to kick my butt but look how cute he is! Awww!

What you cant really see in this pic are the 100s of bees living under this brush. The hum they made was amazing. It is on the front porch of the old store that grandma's husband owned and operated.

artsy and stuff

Chaz got real artsy on some of these pics.

I just think that Chaz looks ridiculously hot in this pic. Purrr!

Hell has froze over. Here is a pic of me w/ a beer (yuck), seafood (ewww), and a sweater I had to borrow from another school (no comment). Maybe they drugged me? What happens in NC, stays in NC (unless of course you post it!).

This world is for short people

This cracks me up. So when I hear the word 'window' seat, I think I will be able to SEE out the window. Sure I would. If I were five feet tall. My boobies had a good view though....


Cracks me up!

So this car in front of us had this head with long, flowing Farrah Fawcett hair blowing in the wind.

She turned around and was such a dog!

More highlights

Maybe they give their plants steroids...I don't know- but they are fabulous!

So you know that saying how sons marry guys just like their mothers? Well, Chaz married a gal just like his Dad!

This is a pic of the trees along Grandma's house.

This is the old store on Grandma's property. There are some trees growing through it!

Highlights from the NC trip

One of my fav parts of the trip was the ferry ride. You drive out into this woods area and it floods over at high tide. We just made it. You get to the end, beep your horn, and a ferry boat for 1 car pulls up. You drive onto the rickity boat and you can get out and take pics. It is like a 3 -5 minute ride but how cool!


We ate out alot at some small establishments. Here is a food item that I know you all want. Mmmmmmm. Old cheese.


This is the tree that stole my heart. It is called a Grand Pap. LOVE it! There is a snowball bush next to it.


Are you kidding me with these Azaleas? Schnikes! They were everywhere!

Here we are on that ferry. Cool scenery, eh?

Gotta love eating at Bunn's Bbque!

Waiting for all the pics to upload

I guess I will blog a little while I wait for my bazillion pics to upload.
I decided to take a B in that class :) It was hard to do but I did it.

You know how I interviewed to teach that class in the spring. Well I got it. And also for this fall too. Pretty wild.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Weekend Update from NC/VA

Here we are in Newport News, VA waiting to catch a plane to PA then back home. It is gonna be a long flight knowing we have to be at work so early.

We had a lovely trip. Chaz Dad picked us up in VA (it is the closest airport believe it or not… for the least amount of money). It was about an hours and a half drive from the sirport. I got to see tons of people and see lots of cool things.
Where to begin? Chaz Grandma has 3 other sisters (& 4 brothers) and I got to see all of them. We stayed w/ Aunt Faye- the youngest of the group. Her house is so cool. It is a square with a hollowed out center (the 4 walls are like sliding glass doors and it leads to this open atrium. That would make for the ultimate party house.

I will be uploading pictures soon. No worries. I have hundreds.

I ate so many strawberry shortcakes and enough sweet teas to last a life time. The people in the south are so much more polite than where we are from (‘the south’ even though they are north of us!...). The airport here is small but still 4 times bigger than the WI one.

Wait till you see the pic from the ferry ride. We drove down this wooded area that was mostly covered with water and you go to the very end and beep your horn and a 1 car ferry pulls up to drive you across the river. That was cool.
I saw the most spectacular tree- it is called a Grand Pap. It is just covered with small white blossoms- it looks covered in snow- way cooler than a snowball bush or crepe myrtle by far.
We ate at a place called Buns bbque. Back in 1999 this town had its 500 year flood so the restaurant had pics from when it was under water. All the bbque up here in vinegar based L and everyone likes their bbque sandwich w/ coleslaw in it. Ewww! I am sure that would all change if a Sonny’s moved up here ;) We also ate one night at an oyster bar (I don’t do seafood so luckily I got McDonalds ahead of time). The houses and acreage as well as plants are way different here. The Azaleas here are so much more vibrant!

The 1st day we had dinner at the Ahoskie House where grandma stays. She is looking good and it quiet the character. Her memory is giving her some trouble though. She has a big pic up above her bed of me and Chaz. We asked her who is that and she says ‘those are my grandkids’ then if you ask her the names of who is in the picture she says ‘I don’t know who those people are.’ Then the story changes a minute later. Chaz said “that’s me grandma’ and she playfully hits him and says ‘I know you stinker!’

We also visited Uncle Melvin. The 1st night he didn’t look like he was doing well at all. The next morning he actually went to the emergency room :o but it turned out he had a bladder infection so this morning it was good to see him sitting up in a chair and looking 100 times better. He gave us all quiet a scare. Uncle Melvin and Aunt Jean have a lovely home as well. The are also across the street from this exquisite little church and cemetery. The next block over is cousin Roy’s house. Holy smokes is his house spectacular. They redid the kitchen which just totally confirmed in our minds that we should o ahead and do ours. We also got to meet his wife and kids at a softball game.

We then went out to Grandma’s house (vacant) and the old store her husband used to run. While there Chaz folks were able to sell the car and get a realtor to list the house. That house is in the middle of nowhere. It is a cool house but hard to keep up (termites in one whole wall, about 2 ½ acres to mow, etc). I also got to see the hospital where Chaz was born, the field where his momma informed his Dad that she was pregnant, the house he grew up in, the school he would have gone to, his old stomping grounds, and cool plants. I also got to meet lots of other relatives. The funniest part was when we went out for breakfast- it is such a small town that everyone knows everyone there. When strangers walk in (us) you can hear the hushed whispers of people talking and saying “who is that?’ Very entertaining. Aunt Faye absolutely knows everyone everywhere.

On this trip we got to go out and get grandma a dresser and mini fridge. Woo wee when that stuff was wheeled into her room it sure caused much gossip among the residents. She was very excited about that. She also got hooked up w/ candy- that woman really likes her chocolate. W also took her to husbands gravesite so she could see it and to replace the flowers on it. Chaz mom also gave her the wedding rings she used to wear- oh my she was glowing about that!

The weather was perfect for this trip. The flight here was interesting. 1st we were on a big plane but that had to transfer to a puddle jumper- ugh- I thought that small jet from GA was going to make me sick. You couldn’t see out the windows b/c there was so much cloud coverage and bad turbulence. Hopefully we will have an easier flight tonight.

I will have to go on a serious diet after this trip! We are exhausted after all of the traveling, driving, socializing, waking up early everyday, etc. Phew!
Expect pics soon.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


So I am in a predicament.
I just found out yesterday that I still have 1 project left for one of my classes. Heck, I dont even have the book for this class. In order for me to do it, I would have to spend hours late tonight in the library, and I have to still pack and set the dogs up and stuff before I go to NC. I'm thinking to just say screw it and take a B. Ouch. But really- I am over it!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So tonight I had my final presentation for my class.
There are only 3 of us in the class (the 4th dropped out).
I had to show up early b/c I am the nerd who brings in the laptop and projector for everyone to use so we all dont have to lug it from work (the others are principals and I am already on campus). So I do my presentation. It rocked- I had powerpoint, I knew my stuff, and I had tons of visuals and brochures, etc. Rock on. The other girl was good too. The 3rd person, he didnt show up. WTF? So as soon as the two of us wrapped up our presentations and did the discussions, etc- the 3rd student shows up just as we are about to leave. Grrrrr! So he got to miss both of our presentations and we had to stay and listem to his. Argggg.

Anywho, here is a funny.
I don't know if I am developing Tourettes syndrome, if it is the pills, or if I was momentarily possessed but during my presentation my voice got real loud when I tried to say the word 'focus' and it came out as a loud Fu*k :o Are youy kidding me?!?!? I had one of those moments that felt like an eternity where you are thinking in your head "oh my gosh what happened?' and even though it felt like 5 minutes of silence it was really only 4 seconds! So to cover I made it sound like FUCKus, I mean focus......
Oh well!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Off to NC

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
We got word that Chaz grandma might be on a downward spiral and it was recommended that we fly out to NC this weekend. We will leave on Friday and get back on Sunday. Not sure what to do w/ the dogs just yet.
I have my final tomorrow night so at least the semester is over with.
We will keep you posted.

Kitchen Remodel?

Well, we are thinking about redoing the kitchen. We hate the cabinets in there and it seems like a good time to do it (not financially, but every other way of course!). It could only improve the house value. However, it is a few weeks of madness. So we have an appt (a 2 hour one) w/ the Lowe's designer next Wednesday. Chaz found a cool company that handles granite/marble counter tops. So we will see what is out there. Should be interesting.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
On Friday and Saturday I joined Mike to judge the prospective Knightros. They were a hysterical group trying out this year. The tryouts are a blast b/c it is a lot of improv and whatever we yell out they all do. The Knightros are going to rock this year! He will also be at a lot more events w/ the new stadium coming in and the new athletics push to drop the word golden. The Knightro that impressed me the most brought his own CD player, showed up early, made his own (awesome) black and gold props, had the most perfect and PC answers and he could really dance. I am psyched though- as a group they will be really impressive!

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Saga continues

So after I calmed down last night I constructed the rebuttal email to the jerk parent. I explained to him how he asked me about the comp sci summer camp, not UCFs stats and that in fact yes UCF is 54% female, the comp sci dept is 90% male and 71% caucasian. Gotta say- it felt good to stick it to a lawyer who can't get his facts straight. And his son goes to a prep school- not soundling like Mr. Lawyer man was hurting for money. So annoyed. So i also copied the 2 VPs he included and it turns out he had the email addy for the one (glad he is not my lawyer!).

My other story of the day- Last week I was talkin to my friend who I have known for years. I was inquiring about teaching on the side for her dept in the spring. So she said hey lets me Friday at 10. I'm thinkin this is an informal between friends thing since I know her, and I was just goin to learn about it. I had to be at a TA meeting at 10:30 so I was wearing my nerdy summer camp polo, didnt have my nails done, got the sunglasses on my head. Well guess what? It was a freakin full fledge interview. SCHNIKES! It was 2 people who had a portfolio of questions. Oh crap. I didn't bring any of my handouts or anything. I didnt look up their program beforehand. Oh man. I so had to BS my way through it. Luckily my friend Mike went thru that prog so I was able to recall stuff he told me about it back in the day.
Good golly. Then I had to run to Engr 3. In heels. Ugh.
That was my drama.
I get to go to Knightro tryouts tonight.
More soon.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

You have got to be kidding me- Oh how I hate stupid people!!!

So today was one of those days.
At 4:15, I literally got up and left work so I wouldn't do or say anything that would get me fired.

I now understand why my folks are not people persons. It is b/c people suck.
So here is the abridged version.
I have spent months LABORING over grant stuff. The process that goes into grant writing to get even small amounts of money from the Dept Of Ed is a bear. Tons of writing, research, contacting, coordinating w/ various depts, signatures, budgeting, legalities- etc. Dont get me started.
So I attained a grant for the 2nd year in a row.
It covers all females and minorities in Fl HSs OR anyone (including white males) from one of the 33 rural county school districts in FL. I dont make that up- DOE does.

So I get this one parent who has been asking questions via email and I have politely answered them all. We are getting so many calls I just want to unplug the phone!

Well b/c his kid is not eligible for the grant (white male in Broward)- he has the odacity to freakin say that my program is racist and discriminates against males. Um hello- I am white. So this week I was told that I have nature deficit disorder and now I am also racist against whites. OH WAIT- here is the icing on the cake. In his retarded racist calling letter he also CCd the VPs of the University. Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!? He tried to pull the crap of saying that my facts were not straight b/c ucf is 54% female and there for his son is a minority and hence I am discriminating against him. Um hello- it is a computer science summer camp and the grant is to recruit underrepresented populations in computer science and our ucf comp sci program is actually 90% males and 71% caucasian. I was livid.

What is up w/ my luck of late? I was so pissed I couldn't work on my final so I will have to do that this weekend- I guess in between when I cut down all the trees and attend my black panthers meetings where I make my I Hate White males posters.....Where do I find the time.

Otto's feet

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
This picture cracks me up. This is Otto's bed that he gets to sleep in next to Nicole's bed. As you see, the bed is a little short!
This also looks like a Nike ad!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today's winner....

Ah- today's winner on crazy parent email/call.

Let me set the background info for you first.

I run a 3 week technical summer camp. We take the students on trips, often working it out w/ CEOs to get behind the scene tours on how their technology works.
Here is one of the parents responses in regards to our field trips:

"If you sent my kids to natural places in Florida similar to Ocala National
Forest, which seem to be disappearing, rather than Theme Parks which are
appearing, I might be more interested. Nature-deficit disorder is alive and
growing in our children. We need gifted adults to help fight this growing
problem, not to bring us more theme parks.
Thanks anyway,"

So joy. Let me add to my list of ailments Nature-deficit disorder, which apparently triggers my Tourette Syndrome by the way.

So I explained to her the academic componet of the program (duh) and how we have discussed the possibility of trips to nature parks however - as a committee, we all felt it did not align with the academic component of our program- nor did the committee want to take 3o high schoolers during the hottest month of the year to a place that offers no shelter when there is an 85% chance of rain each day.

Hmmm... I wonder if I can get a tuition waiver for my new disorder......

Baby Zack

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
As per the clock, you can also see that the 1st time Otto held baby Zack was 10:24pm! Check out all the pics on FLICKR!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And the winners are.....

Each day I get at least 1 really out there phone call. Todays winner was a real special case. Here is an excerpt:
Her: I heard you have a summer camp.
Me. Why yes. We offer a three week residential computer science summer camp for students between the ages of 13-17.. The dates are July 8-28. Students learn all about Java programming and get to select an elective of either web development or cryptography.
Her: When is the program?
Me: The program is July 8-28.
Her: Is it a 5 day program?
Me: No, it is a 21 day program that lasts from July 8-28.
Her: What do the students learn?
Me: Students learn all about Java programming and get to select an elective of either web development or cryptography.
Her: In one week?
Me: No, over the 21 days that they are here living on campus from July 8-28.
Her: So she can live at home with me?
Me: No, it is a 3 week residential program.
Her: What other summer camps do you offer?
Me: I do not offer any other summer camps. Just the computer science one.
Her: But what other ones do you have?
Me: None. I have seen other camps such as cheerleading and soccer for younger kids held here on the campus at the same time but i do not have anything to do with those?
Her: What about science?
Me: I do not offer a science summer camp, just the computer science summer camp.
Her: What about english?
Me: I do not offer any other summer camps other than the computer science one.
Her: What were the dates?
Me: The dates are still July 8-28, 2007. We also have a grant that would cover all costs for females in FL to attend, excluding meals though.
Her: Oh I am interested. I have two daughters not one. How old do you have to be?
Me: Our youngest student would be 13.
Her: So can my 11 year old girl.
Me: (sending an IM to MC to pull the fire alarm or something so I can get off the phone!) Yes, your 11 year old can attend- in three years.

Come on! Are you kidding me?

The runner up today was when I called Winnie Palmer hospital to confirm visiting hours and what not for Nicole's C section tonight:

Me: Hello, my friends is scheduled to have a C-section there at 6;30 tonight. I would like to confirm what the visiting hours are and also to verify if we will be allowed to view the baby from a window.
Her: What is the room number?
Me: She is scheduled for 6:30 and not going to check in till 4:30. I just want to confirm visiting hours
Her: What is the last name?
Me: They are not checked in yet. I just want to know about visiting hours and the baby viewing window.
Her: Why don't you just come tomorrow?
Me: Because she is having the baby today and this is what people do.
Her: You should just come tomorrow.


Are you kidding me?!?!?!? I got hung up on by the baby people. WTF!?!?!?
So I called Andrew's wife. She said there is a baby window and she thinks visiting hours are till 9 so I am just gonna show up at 6:30.

What is wrong with people!!?!?!?!?

Today is the day!

I am counting down the hours till we get to go to the hospital and meet the mini Otto (aka Zack).
I'm bummed about not getting to be in the room (sorry Ots- I was bankin on you passing out so I could go in!Not that you would of....although it does make for a cute story) but alas- Zack is too comfy so it is time to go in.
Expect pics shortly (okay, in like 1/2 a day)!

Virginia Tech

What a horrible tragedy yesterday.
I will be curious to hear what new higher ed safety policies will arise after this.

I think the school is getting a lot of heat over not doing a lock down or blaring sirens after the two 7:15am shootings. However- think about it:
1. 2 people dead in a dorm does sound like a domestic disturbance love triangle of sorts. It seemed like they were going to be searching for the 3rd person in a triangle.
2. At 7:15am- most essential personnel are not even on campus yet (actually- that is when I wake up to be here at 8!). And if I had to look at my office, most don't show up till 8:30 or 9. The 2nd shootings had not happened yet.

There are too many 'what ifs.' What if it were like the Kent state shootings and you hit a siren and everyone ran out- that could have been open target range for a crazy. One would think it is safer to be in your class.
Either way. The story sucks. Those poor families.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Work related stuff

Many interesting questions came up at work today.
I over see this grant in particular. Regarding that- it covers housing and tuition costs for females and minorities not typically represented in the comp sci field. Okay no brainer. I had 1 parent call to inquire what percentage of Cherokee does one need to be in order to qualify. I think if you have to ask, chances are you do not qualify....
I also had to read up on the disability statutes (to be eligible you either have to have 2 disabilities i.e LD and physical or just 1 and be in a labeled gifted program). Do you have any idea what a pain in the rear it is to locate this info? Geeeez.The phone has been ringing off the hook about the program. The most unusual name of a parent I had though was today- her name was (you ready for this?) Eloquocy. Very unusual.

Today I also had a student org advisor meeting w/ the university attorney to discuss liability issues. They asked that the 20 people who RSVPd to send in questions for the attorney to answer. Of the 18 questions, 15 of them were mine. Others couldn't think of questions. Are you kidding me? Geeez. Basically what we learned was that as an advisor, we can easily be sued and not get backed by the university. Oh joy.

It was a long day.
PW called and said he'd pick my crew up for lunch off campus. That was a 1st in 6 years so we went.

Tomorrow night Nicole is getting a C section at 6:30. That is gonna be cool.
Those are my updates.

The Right Hand Ring

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
As promised, here is the pic of the new right hand ring that i fell in love with.
Lesson learned; It is crazy hard to take a pic w/ a big camera of your ring finger on your right hand if you are right handed!

The center stones are called chocolate diamonds yet they have a yellow/topaz color to them (school colors & my birth stone).

Sunday, April 15, 2007

expensive weekend update

It has been an interesting weekend.
I went to Jared's to get my ring cleaned, and you know wile you wait you have nothing better to do except window shop. Well for the first time, I had a piece of jewelry in the display sing to me "Jeeeol- take my home, buy me. Uh oh. So the piece has what is called chocolate diamonds (oh- its a ring!). There are 9 chocolate diamonds in the center that have a UCF color to them (and my topaz color birth stone. Oooh chocolate diamonds! I had never heard of them before. They are surrounded by delicate white diamonds. Looong story short, I got it!!! I brought Chaz over there and we ended up purchasing it :) Pictures to follow tomorrow probably. That was expense #1.

Chaz has the pool guy come out b/c our cellanoid (sp?) went bad. It was time. That was a charming $380. Gulp. We had a bunch of other people stop by for quotes but that isn't happening anytime soon now. So today we had this terrential rainstorm and wind. It knocked down one of those heavy palm tree parts...........into Chaz car and dented it. SOB! Arrrrrg. So we will have to get that fixed.
Then our pool vac broke but the pool place we go to is cool. They are like $389 normally but he siad next weekend there will be a $125 coupon in the mail. Woo hoo. We will wait.
Ahh, and then there are taxes. We totally got hosed againg this year. How much? Hell, I dont even want to talk about it. It sux that much.

Amy put a bid on a house if I am not mistaken.
Woo got engaged.
On Friday night we got to meet up w/ D & Simone who we havent seen in ages. They both look fab. We ended up at Red Lobster in Waterford Hell. That place makes us crazy.

I contacted our Congressmen as per Erik's recommendation and did tour requests for our DC trip next month. He also sent us maps and stuff. Rock on.

On Saturday I had an alumni wine tasting event at my bosses house. I always get so high strung b4 these events. It is very predicatble and entertaining. The event went fine but afterwards- me, Chaz, MC, Marty, my dean and his wife went to Fiddlers in WinterPark. Holy smokes- we were doing shots and stuff w/ the boss- how crazy is that?! There were Irish car bombs (ewww) and lots of buttery nipples. Needless to say- a very entertaining time.

Today I got to go on a dog walk w/ Chaz in the common area behind our house. I planted 2 areca palms and did lots of yard work. Everything but school stuff basically! Gonna go to Carrabas tonight.
More soon.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My new phone

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Same number though. It is totally UCFified!

UCF Water

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
What UCF water looks like.
Okay not really!
Copper is more orange. This is my Crystal Light ;)

Monday, April 09, 2007

No idea

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
So here is one example of my scale problem on the pygamy date palm. The leaves will be black on top and white dot thingees on bottom. And it drops black soot like funk onth the under brances and patio. Any ideas? I am trying some granule root thing currently. Open to suggestion though!

What do I do?....

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
So take a look at the shed. See how it is elevated. The soil under it seems to be eroding or something and I am so worried it is going to be a snake pit or Tiger will stink his under there and shift it and get crushed. So should I put landscape stones in the back of it and then fill it with dirt underneath? Plant shrubs all the way around it and just dirt the area under the door? Got any suggestions?

Eeeeew Placenta!!!!

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
So we heard shreaks from the office a few doors down and it turns out they went to clean the hamster cage only to reveal babies!
Here are their 1st pics ever from underneath the cage.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Weekend recap

Geez did that weekend just fly by!
All is well at work. Chaz still gets to go to lunch now and then w/ his old Siemens crew. I have been going alot w/ MC and my IT crew. My IT crew rocks.
After work on Friday we met up w/ Yvette at Logans and also took her to Chaz new office.

On Saturday we did a lot of house stuff. We ended up have Mike R over (and Lynn) to help fix the mechanical parts of the garage door opener. As a thank you we took them out to Longhorn in Longwood.
Oh- peeps have been asking about the lady bugs. They are not a nuisance atall. Heck- I think most of them have escaped some how but unfortunately, the scale is coming back so either they didnt work or I would need thousands more of them. So I laid down these granule things that my mom got me. Supposedly the roots absorb them and they are toxic to scale or something along those lines.
Chaz & I also tooled around and looked at houses that interest us but we sooo can't afford. They are within 4 miles of where we are and cost like $545,000. Huge lots (like 5) and some on lakes (and no basketball hoops). I love our house and I just wish our neighbors would move. They arnt that bad but they just arnt good either!
Today we woke up early and met Otto and went to church. Afterwards the 2 of them went to breakfast while I, like a loser, went to campus to work on a final. I took a study break and met Nicole, Otto, Rob n Lisa at Sonnys and swung by Lowes afterwards. Then back to my final. I got 98% of it done. For dinner the 6 of us (& her sis) went to an impromtu dinner at Nicoles. We had a lovely time. Till Chaz brought up the notion that Monkee will probably die in 4 years. I will laugh when he Monkee is 21 ;)

Oh- Kathy & Eric are having a girl in August!
My sister's in-laws are leaving April 23. My finals are over April 25.

Oh - we are in for some major expenses (that or Chaz has a weird social fetish and just wants to either meet people or keep the economy going). He wants to have a fence guy come here, a pressure washer guy, a sprinkler guy, a guy to level or put dirt under the shed, a maid, an electrician to install new lights, a pool guy, etc. Schnikes. Next weekend we will probably try to fix the pond out front ourselves and maybe install some landscape lights if we can get a good deal (although I do have a work event on Saturday that I have to be at). Other than that- thats the news.
Happy Easter!

Friday, April 06, 2007

The Gang

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
So at work we all ended up wearing the same thing so we had to get some group pics to 'represent' and all. So we took a couple of goofy pictures. I love it!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The vacation plan

We wanted to do something new and different for a vacation this year and we have decided on going to Washington, DC.
We have our plane tickets (free thanks to Skymiles) and we have our hotel booked (Embassy Suites). I have never been there before so we will pull the complete tourist gig and visit all the must see stops. Corny, educational, and fun. We will visit the Smithsonian, monuments, probably the U. S. Capitol Building, the White House and the U. S. Supreme Court, Georgetown, Kennedy Center, Potomac River, Cherry Blossom trees, (shcnikes- we are so 30!)- oh- and we will give a high five to Bush if we see him. That is the plan. We are going in May.


Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
So here is the new hedge I planted. It is Sweet Verbernum. It grows fast and bushy and hopefully it will keep the dogs from barking at Diddy next door.

Now lets discuss next door. I think I will send over a wed whacker to my neighbors- the grass growing tall along the pool screen and house and fence makes me crazy. As does their black pool water. Ugh.