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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treaters

So here are the high lights of what the lil trick or treaters said on Halloween:

*This little 6 year old pirate said “Trick or Treat, Gimme all your booty.” Then he said “walk the plank! Happy Halloween.”
*Then a group of girls came up and said to me “Wow- I like your costume.” Um….I’m in my work polo and slacks….So then they look at me and say “Her costume must be a worker! Wow!” Hee hee.

I saw some cute pirates, super heroes, Wizard of Oz, princesses, etc. One gripe though to all the future trick or treaters- if you got no costume you get no candy! Don’t be one of those fools. Sheesh.
I would guess we had about 30 trick or treaters.

Monday, October 30, 2006


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Are you freakin kidding me with this stuff?
So I went to look at what ovulation kits are out there.
You gotta be a freakin organic chemist ;) to be able to decipher this crap! First of all, lets discuss this one-
1. It has a freakin microscope scientific weird device to it. Do I have a chemistry degree? Nope, not so much.
2. YOu have to spit in this thing. More than once. Um yeah- how nasty is that? PASS.
3. Look closely at the results! What!!! If it looks like a fern you are ovulating but if it looks like a bush you are not or some crap like that.

This one wins the Worst Ever Award.
What were they thinking!?

Why I Still Go To School

So in my class tonight, the prof of course wants to wait till the end of class to pass back our midterms. Then she gets into a speech about how if you are unhappy about your grade - drop her an email. She said she wrote lots of comments on everyones papers. So by now the whole class is stressin. She has stapled everyones midterm in a taco shape. Odd. So I get mine and hot dog- totlly reminded why I am still in school - its like a drug. I got a 100% w/ a comment of how it was skilyyfyully written and she would have given me more points if she could. SWEEEEET.
Now thats why I love school. Some people cross stitch, make model planes, do drugs, play video games, etc- me, I like going to school.


Everyone needs to watch Dirty Jobs w/ Mike Rowe.
Hotness factor of 10!

Here is too much info

Sorry guys, you might just want to skip this post if you dont have ovaries.

So here's my story. Halloween will mark 42 days since my last period. Are you kidding me? What happened to like 29 days? I took 4 tests and all were negative so I guess that funk of a cold that I caught from Chaz did a number on me. So what the heck does that mean?!?!?!?! Do I have to wait till the next period? Yo- I have no idea. Oh well, it will happen when its meant to happen.

I freaked out about t Saturday morning. I got in such a funk over it. So I asked for a sign while on my way to RJ Gators. Heres what I got: I sat down, only to have like a 9 month prego sit next to my table on the right. In front of me was a table w/ a baby who kept dropping his bottle so it would point at me. Then to my left, a toddler girl w/ a jacket that said angel who kept looking at my table, and then a grandma who was pushing a baby in a stroller right up to my corner table- all in a period of 5 minutes. Humph- ask for a sign and you get 4!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Haloween 06 045
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Haloween 06 176
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Since D is such a rare sighting- here is another pic.

Pimps or Run DMC.....

Haloween 06 103
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Are they fabulous or what!?
Watch out Flava Flav.

What a pimp!

Haloween 06 081
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
This guy must be such a stud!

A pic of Denrique!

Haloween 06 039
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
So I will try to post a few of my fav pics from yesterdays Pimps and Prostitutes party at Nic & Ots house. D was a pimp from a few eras ago ;)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why cans give me (k)nightmares.

Why cans give me (k)nightmares.
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You know the Where's Waldo game? This is the Where's Emily game!

We will start a new reality show- Buried Alive.

Skillet Sensation

Someone please tell me why the cruel makers of Skillet Sensations say it is 2 servings. Hello- we all know a bag feeds just 1 person.

Devil cans.

Devil cans.
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
If only this had scratch and sniff capabilities- you two could experienmce the stench of fermenting beer and funk.

Sigh...anything for the kids man.

He is the coolest!

He is the coolest!
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Here is a pic of me hanging with Hitt- this guy rocks.
I got to ask him everything I wanted to ask him.
What will our school do without him once he retires!?!?!?


ALL days should be like today.
What a fantastic day. Absolutely fabulous.
So I had the luncheon with the university president. It took me 5 years to work up the nerve to ask him! It was my absolute most favorite luncheon ever!
I'll skip all the boring details about the food place arriving 2 minutes before him and all the other small madness causing factors. So the students asked questions which was cool b/c I got to hear the inside scoop. BUT- the super super cool part, after an hour and a half, I kicked all the students out and gave him time to finish his lunch. Get this- he did at least half an hour of just one on one time w/ me and Mike. Are you kidding me?!?!? We just sat there and joked around and asked every single question that we could muster. Hotdog that was cool!!
Then he asked me if he could do this again in the spring. Are you kidding me!?!?!?!? What a delight!
Now to top it off- it is time to get rid of my devil cans out of my office (picture to follow soon).
Plus I dont have to do the film series tonight. Woo hoo!!!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Plan

So here's the plan and I am open for suggestions.
My neighbors basketball playing is making me INSANE.
So rather than going over and stabbing all of their basketballs, I am trying to come up with other ideas.
They are not breaking the law. They play during 'legal hours'- that happen to be like 8am till 10pm.

So our plan is to blast country music :)
Really bad country music - the kind that all kids would be embarrassed to have their friends over.

We are blastin stuff like Alan Jackson, Kenny Rogers, etc.
We are open to ideas- bring um on! Yee Haw!

Monday, October 23, 2006


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Otto taking one for the team!
Here is Nicole dunking Otto to raise money for the chem students.

Just for Haas

Just for Haas
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Haas- your search for a Halloween costume is over! J/K.
How cute is this!?

The cool Kool Aid Man

The cool Kool Aid Man
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Need I say anything else?

Pimp My Ride

Pimp My Ride
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
I believe the owner of this hooptie works at Sonnys.
It has nitros (sp?) in it and hydrolics, etc........

I so gotta get me one of these.

Flowers from Emily

Flowers from Emily
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Here are the flowers that Emily sent me for Bosses Day.


Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
So here is my favorite way to spend lunch at work. Playing bball (okay, playing HORSE) is a hoot in heels.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mike & the FL Marlins Cheerleaders

Doesn't it stink to be Mike!?!?

The Gang

The Gang
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
The gang in the VIP Room at the Dragon place.

The Boys

The Boys
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Here is a sneak preview of the next year GQ calendar models.

Party Bus

Party Bus
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Rob & Lisa, riding the short bus :)

Me & Nicole

Me & Nicole
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Here's me & Nic before the party got under way.

VIP Room

VIP Room
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Stinks to be Chaz, doesn't it?!

The Bus

The Bus
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Here we are getting on the party bus.

Funniest Picture Ever!

Funniest Picture Ever!
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.

How to know its time to leave Miami!

So get this madness.
On my parents last night at their house in Miami, they got robbed! Are you freakin kidding me?! They had their car lock jimmied. They stole like $200 from my moms car (normally she doesnt keep money in her car but they have been driving back and forth on a daily basis to Pembroke Pines.....).
Now if thats not a sign to get the heck out of Dodge I dont know what is.

What a great weekend

I took Friday off of work (as did Chaz). We picked up my sis and Ben at the Disney resorts (Ib is at a conference up here). We drove them to SeaWorld after learning how to put the car seat in my car :) The weather was fantastic and for once we didnt get rained on there. We were all able to get in for free so that just makes for a great trip anyday. Ben got to pet fish and feed doplins.

On Saturday morning I had to be at work at 8am. Its family weekend. After work I went w/ Chaz and Callahan to RJ Gators then the mall. We didnt go to the football game (good thing we didnt b/c they lost yet again.....). We went to Mike & Lynns bachelor/ette party. We started off at Houlihans. We gave them a bunch of scandalous gifts and a Mr. & Mrs. Potatoe Head set. Oh- we took 3 prego tests to make sure before we went out to downtown and all were negative (hello- he was in Iowa!). So I guess that made us 297% sure since we took it 3 times! Anywho, after Houlihans, we went to Mike & Lynns. Chaz played bartendar. Then the party bus met us there. Schnikes- a party bus. How often do you get to go on a party bus?!?!? That rocked. We went to some place called the Dragon something....We had a VIP room. It was a super fun bachelor/ette party. What happens at Dragon whatever, stays at Dragon whatever! Mike & Lynn had a good time. I'll post pics later. We didn't get to bed till somewhere between 4-5am. Funny thing is- now my cold is gone!


Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
How cute is this!?!


Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Talk about family resembalance!

Killer Dolphins

Killer Dolphins
Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Here is another cute shot. Ben got to feed the dolphins fish.


Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Went to SeaWorld on Friday w/ Chaz, Ben, and Sis.
How cool is Jaws!?!
This pic was taken at that cool restaurant at SeaWorld next to the shark exhibit. The restaurant is at the same level as the enormous 'fish' tank so you get to watch tons of sharks swim by you as you eat.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


So against my better judgement I listened to others and went to the doctors office to curb this sinusitis. What do I get for it? Sicker. For the first time I tried that bed rest garbage and took it so easy this weekend watching a days worth, thats right, 24 hours worth of Grey's Anatome. I did the Z Pack thing for the 1st time. I took the other pills they game me. And I got sicker. See- I'm not normal. I need to over do it to get better. I always get sicker when I go to a germ infested doctors office.
I gotta go stuff tissues up both nostrils now.

Factoid of the day

So here is a cool fact. My brother had a birthday yesterday which means my folks have a kid in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. How cool is that?!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend Update

After work on Friday we met up with Mile & Lynn and went to the game. Schnikes- the opposing team made 95 yards on us in the 1st 10 seconds. Ouch that was embarrassing...
We still had a fabulous time though- a lot of fun.
I wanted to take it easy this weekend and get over this sinusitis thing. So in total, I think we watched about 23 hours of Grey's Anatomy over a 3 day span.
On Saturday we had the MS Walk. What an absolute gorgeous day for that! Unfortunately, it wasn't the biggest turn out which stinks but it was still lovely.

We got Chinese food last night and my fortune read "Happiness is right next to you" and of course Chaz was right next to me. Awwww.

Yesterday we got Monday morning breakfast and just did house stuff.

Ahhh Mondays. Today was Rex R's first day with us. He is super cool. He is rearranging the whole office over there. He will be a great addition.
Emily is gone for the next 3 weeks. And its Homecoming season. This is gonna stink.
Tonight I have to do my midterm. Oh joy.
Speaking of joys- (not)- I totally almost knocked myself out at work today. I had my wood cabinet door open above my desk b/c I was doing 15 things at once. I got up, forgetting that the cabinet was open and babam- right on my noggin. Are you kiddin me?!?!? What a Monday....
I got to do lunch w/ the IT guys today. That's always fun.
Tomorrow I might go to the Orlando Magic game.
Hope you all had a good weekend.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Went to the doc today. I have sinusitus. :(
Its snot funny ;)

Awww squared!

I have the coolest program asst ever. Hands down.
As of today she is out for the next three weeks for her wedding.
Apparently Monday is Bosses Day and so she sent me yellow roses to my house.
She is the bestest.
The next 3 weeks will be hell but awwww!

Hey hey

Its midnight and I just got home about half hour ago from work. I went to Jareds to get my ring cleaned then had dinner w/ Chaz & Mike. Then I literally rushed to tonights film series- at 1st i wasnt worried about running late b/c Em would be there but then hercar didnt start. Eeeek! So I got there w/ 6 minutes to spare- set up and got everything situated. Tonight it was moderated by an Orlando Sentinel film critic. Holy cow- i went on forever. Good discussion afterwards but I have a sinus infection and was ready for bed hours ago.

At work the whole staff went to the Olive Garden for Em's wedding celebration lunch. Its nice how they do that.

Chaz bought a GPS today.

Tomorrow I will duck out of work early after being there so late today. Then I am off to the UCF Game :) Saturday is both the MS Walk and Mr. UCF competition.

As of today my folks officially have two homes.They have to change their phone number after having the same # for like 3 decades.

I got a quote from the Theatre DEpt on how much they would charge to help us w/ our homecoming costume- way over $2500. Ummm yeah- we are making it ourselves.

No other news to report other thaan my new addiction to Grey's Anatomy.
I'm off to bed.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


So yesterday I emailed all of the Team Leaders and told them about the can drama. So overnight they created a FaceBook Group called Screw the People who stole the Honors Cans -and it already has 46 members! How cute is that!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

So most are familiar with how Homecoming equals madness in my office this time of year....So get this.

This year they really got their game in gear and decided to hold 3 can drop offs. Oh- for those of you who dont know- the homecoming philanthropy requires each student org to bring in hundreds and hundreds of pounds of cans. They recycle it and the $ goes to a specified chairty. So this time, instead of storing all of these cans for the 1 drop off (which cant be crushed cans by the way!)- they now have 3 drop off dates (every 2 weeks). So today was the 2nd drop off day. So this morning Emily goes to a storage spot in the back of the building only to find all of the cans I had put back there were gone. G-O-N-E!!! We were robbed. Now keep in mind- they were in closed doors of 2 rubbermaid sheds which means it is someone who knows I had the cans back there. You have got to be kidding me. I'm talking like 60 publix bags of cans. Arrrrrg! So that sux. I'm tellin ya- can time is a serious time- as you see!

Had a bruncheon w/ the VP of Gov't Relations for Disney. She was sool. I would hate her job personally b/c it is way too much politics/lobbying for my tastes. Speaking of politics I will try to get Charles Crist.

Chaz comes back from Iowa today!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bballin it with the IT Crew

Today was a delight at work.
I was caught up with everything. Homecoming prep is going well. I got to play bball again with Andrew and Mike in the Ed gym- Andrew brought his infant and toddler (his wife had a dentist appt). Then we met up w/ Flea at Fazzolis. Andrew had an appt he had to go to so he left both his kids with me.
I also got to leave work early today to meet the hot tub guy- boy was he creepy. Serial killer written all over him. He was yelling at his kids over the phone about alimony money.
I finally heard from GA Girl. She is doin well.
Chaz comes home tomorrow.
I'm lookin 4ward to tailgating this Friday and going to the MS Walk on Sat.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Mid-day update

The weather can not be any more perfect than it is today! Holy cow- this is the best weather day ever! Not a cloud in the sky and crisp, cool air.

I went to RJ Gators yesterday w/ Mike, Dilmore, & Jensu. The girl we were hoping to hook Mike up w/ there left :(

Today I had a great lunch. I went w/ Andrew, Flea & Mike via golf cart to the Subway at the Rec Center. No lines- so the way to go. I then suggested we play basketball since we were over there (okay, more like a glorified game of HORSE)- and they took me up on it. So I played bball w/ my IT dept while in heels. Now that was fun!

Chaz has been sending my cute pics of Iowa corn farms. Thats pretty hot.

I have class tonight :(

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Phone issues

My phone was giving me problems but it was under warranty so they sent me a replacement one. The mic on it doesnt work so I can hear people on the other end and they cannot hear me. EEEiiieee. Plus my numbers didnt transfer over. They are sending a replacement for my replacement.....I'll have it all squared away by next weekend.

Chaz made it to Iowa safely. He even sent me a picture of all the corn there. :)

At work the boys installed this amazing 50 inch flat screen TV high up on the lobby wall. Very cool addition. I went in to work and wrote my paper. I went to the pool store and got the muratic acid for the pool then treated the weeds, watched Dirty Jobs, CSI, and Charmed. I vacuumed both cars. Did my nails. Boy is the house quiet.

What a productive Sunday

Well, Chaz made it off to the airport this morning. Iowa will be an interesting trip for him.

Since we woke up early, I have cleaned the pool filters, scooped the poop, watered the plants, vacuumed, did 2 loads of laundry, refilled the dog canisters, cleaned the windows, shop vac'd the patio, and finally cleaned the black funk off of the patio ceiling fun- all before 9:30am. I have a paper to write later today.

Yesterday I went to a bridal shower. Each one is always so different. TRhis one was at a lovely home write down the street. I also tried a new restaurant yesterday called Stephano's. Man was that yummy (and reasonable)! Stephano even comes out to your table! We ended up meeting M&L at a Cigar Bar next to ShoGun pretty late. Very trendy place- very odd for Oviedo. I don't do cigars though- smoke in my mouth just does not appeal to me. On Friday we ended up watching half of season one on DVD of Grey's Anatomy. Son of a gun we are hooked now.

More soon.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Are you kidding me?!?!?

Yesterday was crazy- I had a meeting at 11am, 5pm and 9pm. Can they spread out anymore?!?!? We watched the Exorcist last night. Pretty cool. We have a nice set up at work for that- we bust out the 100 inch screen and have the speakers with bass, the couches all sprawled out....Leaving that late at night is a lil scary tho....During the movie this one possessed light above me kept flickering. Oh the spookiness.

So we are trying the temperature method (where you track your temp each morning) and the pee on the stick thing everyday. I'll summarize the details. Doc says most women ovulate on days 11-16. Of course- I am not normal at anything so I should have known better to listen. Those days have passed an no temperature rise or LH surge on the pee sticks yet. So what does that mean? Get ready for this one. Ovulation time will prob be when Chaz is in Iowa. Schnikes!
Well, it will happen when it is meant to happen. Everything happens for a reason.
Remember that blurb I made about Chicken Noodle Soup w/ a Soda on the Side being like the worst song out there. Well its got competition. Today I heard an excerpt of a song called Fried Chicken. Are you kidding me? No wait- I'll give you more: "I like my fried chicken, i like my fried chicken, mmmmmmmm, mmmm, finger licken."
Ummm yeah - the IQs of the world are declining.

We found out who our new coworker will be but he doesnt start till the 16th. His wife was one of the students who was on MY search committee! Cool stuff. I am psyched about him joining- he and his wife are super cool and my age.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I had a luncheon today with the female co-owner of Harley Davidson, LLC. She was awesome. So get these crazy coincidences. When she was 3, she told us how her neighbor was 'Mr. Harley' and how he would always give her a ride up and down the street in his sidecar on his bike. Then she moved to NY for 20 years but her grandma was still back home and when she visited her grandma- her grandma said how those Davidson boys were always tinkering on bikes back in 1904. crazy huh?
She was telling us how there is a UCF Harley that they are gonna auction in Feb and the proceeds will fund an athletic scholarship in their name. Cool stuff. I really enjoyed her today though. Very cool person.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Here I am!

Very intriguing episode of Lost tonight. (Same goes for Dirty Jobs).

So today at work I did a Myth Buster w/ Mike. I received a 4ward saying how you can unlock your car if you ever get locked out by aiming your car remote into your cell phone. So I was in my office & Mike was at the end of the parking lot. Myth busted. Didnt work.

So guess where Chaz is going next week?
Iowa!I wanna go so bad. I hope he gets to go again in between semesters.It is nearly impossible for me to get away from work in the fall.

Interesting week so far. Chaz is almost over his cold. On Monday night at 11:50pm was his only free chance so we went to the gas station to fill up his car tires- they were all low according to his cars computer. There are some oddities out at that time of day thats for sure. On Tuesday we met w/ our financial planner downtown. Mostly talked about the advantages of going LCC or S Corp. We also finalized our VUL (Variable Universal Life insurance policies, etc). Thrilling huh?! From there we went to Macy's so I could get Ems wedding gifts. Chaz convinced me to go ahead and buy this jewelry set that I have been eyeing for months there (my grandma had one similar that she showed me over 20 years ago and it has stuck in me head ever sonce). Its a swarovski crystal necklace and earring set. Oh it tickles me!

My cell phone has a mind of its own. It has been dropping calls and the camera option turns of mid picture....very screwy. Chaz called them up and they are sending me a new phone free. He's a hottie.

Tomorrow is a crazy day. I have a bruncheon w/ the coowner of Harley Davidson. I hope she shows up on a motorcycle. I am then meeting w/ the film critic guy at 5, then the Knightro team at 5:30 and then The Exorcist at 9. EEEiieee. I am lookin forward to that movie!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Pa Look Alikes

Super cool!

I gotta say- my fav part of my job is the luncheons- just seeing who I can get in.
Guess what coolest person in the world agreed to do a luncheon this month! The Prez of my university.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nicole's Baby

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Look at those eyes!!!

Happy Bday to Rob!

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.

What a pimptastic playhouse!!!

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
It even has a flowerbed for the windows. Ooooooh!


So I woke up and saw my dogs sleeping on the floor so I went down and joined them to give them attention. Little did I know, Chaz was recording a video of just the sounds I make w/ the dogs. Holy crap I almost peed my pants laughing!Why didn't anyone tell me I am crazy!?!

In other hotness, at the work party, Chaz had to do all the talking and presenting of the group gift to the boss. That is HOT.

Weekend update

Don't ya hate when the weekends almost over and you were justtin started?!?!
It was a good weekend. After work on Friday, Chaz & I went to Kevin B's goin away shin dig at the Ale House. Lots o peeps there and a good time (and free). Then I met up w/ Rob & Lisa here at the house for a scary movie marathon. We watched an old movie called He Knows Your Alone. I enjoyed it. No actual blood and gore or speacial effects yet still a bit scary. Fantastic. Then we watched Saw II. I really liked that one.
On Saturday we did house errands. Chaz was in charge of gettin party stuff together for the shin dig at his (former) managers house in Chuluota. Chaz got money from everyone and got this fantabulous group picture framed and signed byeveryone and some wines and stuff. He also got all of the catering from Giovannis. The party started at like 3 and we didnt go to bed till 2:20. EEEiiieee. Since my moms read this I'll keep the details short- great party and everyone ended up in the water w/ their clothes on! (Jeans are heavy man!). The girls he works w/ made up a bunch of songs for the boss (he is no longer the boss as of midnight) and we recorded it all. Anywho- thats all the details on that.
Today we slepts in and then met Mike R. for a late lunch. Then I had to get the Monday mornin breakfast and go into work today. I did find out today that I got a raise (a 3% plus a merit raise on top of that)- now that makes for a good weekend.
Thats it for my quick update.