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I am addicted to school and don't know how to stop going (It's free). I am sooo ready to start a family with my husband and am counting down the days till it happens.I currently have two boys (age 7 and 4)who dance in backwards circles at the site of a leash.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Road rage & other updates

Hello from the Infinity dealership! My folks left this morning as I left to the airport to get Chaz. He is passed out so I took his car in for his noon oil change. Here I sit.
So yesterdays luncheon was interesting. It was with the new Dean of the medical school.
My parents were able to convince me to do dinner at Whistle Junction..................
at 3pm. Schnikes. I was ready for bed at 7! We went shopping afterwards, and called it a night.

Oh- so I have a road rage story for you all.
So 3 out of 5 days a week there is the new red mustang that always leaves like 30 seconds after I do and then he trails my car by 2 inches till we hit the Alafaya light. We have a 25 mph speed limit and I am not about to speed and get a ticket for this loser. No biggie. So I was coming up to the light yesterday and was 1/2 a block away from it when it turned yellow. I wasn't gonna run it. So when the light turns green we go down Alafaya and then this fool lays down his horn at me. WHAT!?!?!?!? Oh no he didn't. It is on. His car may be faster than mine but not in morning traffic- and me and my car are bigger than him. So now I trail his butt 2 inches behind :) Then I pull up next to him and take his pic w/ my camera phone so he thinks I am sending it to the cops or something and of course, I add my neighborly wave.
:) That punk. Anywho- that was my excitement.

Looks like I will be stuck here for awhile. Good thing I brought a magazine.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Update

Today was another lovely day. At work I had another luncheon. It was w/ a CEO of a company who is also an honors alum and about my age. We got along swimmingly. I gave him some major hook ups for his company today- this guy is gonna want to be my best friend if it all goes as planned. His company does large events...imagine set up for the Oscars (staging, lighting, promotions, etc). I hooked him up w/ the alum assoc here to do the blk n gold gala which is in front of at least 500 of OTowns Fortune 500. Sweet deal. I hooked him up to do our 10 yr 'college' anniversay. Also an article in Pegasus magazine. It was a cool luncheon.

So after work I met with my folks at Ulta to get a haircut. Tanya was able to cut out the majority of my old hair color so I am now like 90 something % natural hair color :) My folks informed me that it was time for 'an intervention' and they bought me a new lipstick b/c they hated mine so much. Then me and mom went to Lukas nursery, then got Dad and went to Boston Market and then shopping for food for tomorrows bruncheon. I showed them around the office. It was a lovely time. Then we came home and killed hornet nests and released 100s of lady bugs into the pool area and did mud masks.

Chaz is having a good time in CA. He is playing poker with the boys.
That is the scoop.


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Here are the new flowers we bought that we will plant in the flower baskets in the nook window. I hope my lady bugs dont bother them!

Lady Bugs

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
So this will either be a fantastic idea- or a horrible mishap. Our two fancy palms in the pool area are very expensive trees. Each season they get this retchid scale problems where the bottom of the leaves are white (aphids I am assuming) and the top of the leaves turn solid black- and drop down and turn all the plants below it black as well as the patio. So rather than bust out the chemicals again (that didnt work for the last time and is crazy expensive)- we got a container of a 100 or so lady bugs. They feast on aphids. Even the Orange County Urban Horticulturalist recommends them. I learned a lot about lady bugs. They dont fly at night. You have to water the plants before releasing them and it has to be at nighttime in the dark.
I hope it works!

Mud Masks

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Tonight my ma and I did mud masks. The dogs were entranced by the madness. Mine was mint julep. It smells like tooth paste.....

Monk's Dad

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This is Barney, Monkee's Dad.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesdays UPdate

Today was a very productive day. I had a luncheon w/ a Board of Trustee who is an accountant and VP/CFO of her own company. She was from Cuba and moved here w/ her 12 yr old bro when she was 8 while her parents were still in Cuba. Wild stuff. Since she is a BOT she knows all the dirt on the campus so me and my coworker grilled her which was a lot of fun.

Today is my sisters 5 year anniversary.
My mom in law also got a new job today. She was pretty much hired on the spot which is so unheard of nowadays. Very cool. Chaz is still in San Diego. He is having so much fun that I only get to talk to him for like 1-2 minutes per day :(

So get this madness. I went to the dermatologist today (make sure those age spots I got for my bday are safe and all). I have had this clear lil cyst thing on the side of my nose where it connects to my check for three decades. It annoys me. So I decided to be a big girl and do something about it. I was so excited so this doc chic must think I am a total freak- that and I have the pain tolerance of steel. Sh she says she has to put a needle.....in my face. So I was like sure. She didnt go in deep enough and had to do it again. She was so worried I was gonna freak but I just thought it was the coolest thing and kept trying to watch. So she does the needle thing and tries squeezing the cyst out and drawing it out w/ another needle. It was so cool. Didnt work so then she gets another needle to numb it and she and her asst are all weirded out that I am not freaking out and that I am watching and saying how cool it was (I'm weird- this is not news). So then she says she has to scrape it off. Cool! So she does but then it wont stop bleeding so guess what she had to do-.....................
cortorize (sp?) it. She cortorized my face w/ a burning hot tool and it was so cool. It didnt hurt- it was rather relaxing. So I will let it heal and see if it worked. That was my big excitement.

Then I came home and detailed my folks car. And Chaz car. And my car. My folks car was in such desperate need of it that it put my shop vac into shock- it actually had to take a time out. Their car is lovely now and smells like vanilla. We then went on a dog walk. The 3 dogs get along sooo well.

My mom has been working a lot in the yard with me. It is a lot of fun. I have managed to break 6 out of ten nails though :(
I am exhausted. More soon.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

fence mishap

Sigh, I got home and my side fence was 1/2 hanging over. Schnikes. I dont know if my dogs were leaping on it while barking at Diddy- the lil dog next door or if it was the lawn mower guy bumping into it. I did a temp fix but will have to work on it tomorrow...If it is my dogs I will have to plant a row of Areca Palms as a barrier...

Ramblings of the day

Chaz seems to be having a fabulous time in San Diego. He is hanging out with Andrew, Casey and even Mark.

It is a busy week for me at work (a luncheon every day) and my folks are in town so I am trying to find ways to entertain them. I was able to leave work at 2 yesterday and I took them on a scenic boat tour. It was a lot of fun. I then drove them around the cool houses of Winter Park and then we dog walked again. Been having a lovely time. Didn't have a camera though.

I met with my new OB doc. I went to the Winter Park office to establish myself there as a patient and make sure I like it. I love it! My next appt will be in the Oviedo office though.

Todays luncheon was with the county property appraiser. Doesn't sound to thrilling when put like that but keep in mind that this elected official meets with all of the chairmen and governors etc all of the time. Pretty sweet. He was telling us this story about how he and Jeb knew each other before Jeb was "Jeb." Jeb asked him to help with his Dad's campaign but the speaker did not want to get that involved with politics so he said nah. So later that week at like 10:30pm his phone rings and he is in the bathroom. His wife brings him the phone and says you have to take this, its THE PRESIDENT. So the speaker said he got up so fast his underwear was still around his ankles! Jeb thought it would be funny to have his Dad call and ask. Of course the speaker said heck yeah he would help with the campaign and then Prez Bush sr passed the phone back to Jeb. He had lots of crazy stories like that. He also explained how the tax stuff works and the housing market and politics and how he went to elem, middle, high school and college- all on the same street :o in New Orleans. Prez Hitt was one of the faculty members there his senior year. The speaker was 68 but looked 52 at the oldest. It was pretty cool.

Tomorrows speaker is a CFO/VP as well as a Board of Trustee. I hope she is cool too.

I called the dermatologist to make an appt thinking it would be weeks before they could take me in. Eeek- they got me in for tomorrow afternoon. Shoot. That was too fast! I am gonna see about getting these 2 age bumps removed that I got for my 30th bday...
The lawn people were scheduled to come today to the house. Our grass is very green so they are doing a good job. On Thursday I am getting my hair trimmed. Oh the excitement. After work I have an alumni mtg tonight but after that I will prob take my folks over to Lukas Nursery.
More later.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


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When I vacuum I pile all of the dog beds on top of each other. Not sure if they were too high for Barney to get up onto or if this is normal for him. It looks like he attempted to get onto the dog beds....Instead he is holding them. Whatever makes him happy!

Oh my goodness

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So in my 3 decades on this Earth, I have never seen this before. My folks are up visiting and I made dinner at the house. I asked my mom what she wants to drink and showed her what was in the fridge. Low and behold she grabbed a beer. Grab your coats b/c Hell just froze over!


Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
I just love this pic. This is his 'chill' spot. You can really see the old man beard coming in on him. He is only 8 years old....

What freaks me out

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
So now I am all freaked out over that snake incident. I now hate my shed. It is elevated off the grown and now all I can envision is a nest of snakes underneath the shed. I wish it wasn't elevated. Tiger likes to run and put his head under there (his body doesn't fit) which just scares the heck out of me.

Killin time & why March is fabulous

I am waiting for my folks to arrive today but I have no idea what time they will get here. To pass the time I went a little camera happy. It started with the dogs. I thought it was cute to have a pic of them by the Beware sign. Don't they look ferocious!?


From there I took some pics of the new Petunias I planted. We need some rain- they are starting to wilt :(


Next I ended up by the pool area. This Gerber Daisy just started to bloom- it is 1/2 way there. Pretty cool. These seem to last a real long time and then when the die off, they regenerate a few weeks later. My kind of plant.


This was one of my most favorite finds ever at Target. This croc cracks me up.


Despite it being so beautiful out, you gotta watch out for scary things like these (and snakes!):


It is gorgeous out. I should get off the computer and go back out there!


You know that pet food recall?
So me & my mom both have those Petsmart Rewards cards.
She received a letter in the mail saying that she purchased some of the tainted petfood from there (the card tracks what you buy, hence how they knew how to notify her). It said to bring it in for a full refund but she had already used it all up on her 3 cats :o The cats mostly turned their noses at it but she said Toonces threw up - holy smokes.

SAK Comedy Lab

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
I just thought this pic came out pretty cool. They start each SAK show by getting the audience pumped up by tossing out Tootsie Rolls. People tend to dance like performing monkeys for Tootsie Rolls. What an odd phenomenon.......

The weekend

So on Friday I had a work event. We roasted the assistant dean. I asked the entire staff to find out 3 things for 'material' for the roast and only 2 did. What punks. So that left me with coming up with 98% of the roasting material. EEEiiiieee. Oh well. It will be online this week. We had a bus and it was for our alumni & current students. SAK Comedy Club rocks. I think I will do another roast this summer for my summer camp.

On Saturday I woke up at the crack o dawn and drove down south for Ben's party. I am hoping to never ever miss a party. That's the plan. Oh- even my old high school bud Jen was there since her folks are my folks neighbors!

After the party I drove right straight back up to OTown. I met Chaz and N&O for dinner at the new Outback. Not impressed by it but I have never been a fan of Outback... Then we went to buy a card reader at Target so I could download my pics for FLICKR of course! Then this morning at 5 I got to drive Chaz to the airport. Today my folks come up and visit for the week. It has been a busy weekend!
More soon.

The Birthday Party

Here is a pic of me giving Ben a brain massage. This kid is so ridiculously cute!


They recently added a train room at the Miami Childrens Museum. This thing is electric and you just sit on it and go. I want one!


I am a sucker for sibling pics.........


The party was in south Florida. I drove down to West Pam and rode the rest of the way w/ my bro & Chris. Ben had a music theme and my sis had personalized chocolate lolipops for everyone and gift bags for all the guests that had musical stuff in it including harmonicas. Cool. They also had balloons that when you hit them- they sing. I had never seen those before. We had a tour of all the cool rooms and got to play and eat. Of course, the cake was from the movie Cars. It was a lot of fun!

The trendiness of Miami

So at the Miami's Children Museum of Art where Ben's party was, we saw these cute little dogs- all who were dressed to the (k) nines! We would never see this much madness in my town!


I was taking Ben over to see the animals outside and here is what we walk into. No worries- I explained to him what was going on and he wasn't traumatized.


Everyone knows I love mascots but this one is freakin scary!


Check out these awesome socks that look like shoes. I love these!!!


This is my momma. Even she is wearing trendy lil capris!


This is Ben's latest girlfriend. Her name is Jillian.


The drive to Miami and back

Lets talk about Miss Daisy, my GPS. She rocks. Here is a bad pic of her in action (hey, I was driving, take what you can get!). My fav thing about her is that our car choice on the GPS is a monster truck! She also talks so it is like having a copilot with you. Anyone looking for a GPS- go Garmin, the Magelins stink.


This is what the butt crck of dawn looks like. It was crazy b/c you could actually watch the fog roll in and out and levitate a few feet off the ground. A lil creepy but still cool.


I also got a pic of the sunrising on my way to Ben's party. Now that is just cool.


When I was driving with my bro, we got passed by a crazy clown in a mini van. Are you kidding me with this!?


On my drive back home, I got surrounded by a bunch of sport bike retards. Here is a pic of 1/2 of them. I was sure I would see some carnage but I had to turn off for my exit. The other 1/2 of them were racing and are not in my shot. Look at the genius girl wearing a bikini top and no helmet. I call that population control. :)


Monday, March 19, 2007

When will this funk end?!?!?!?

Sigh. So our fabulous doc (Mosch) cured us of our Influenza.
The day we start feeling better, Chaz gets tendonitis on the foot. Last time this happened many months ago he had to get 6 weeks of PT and a crazy painful cortisone shot.
So then to get his mind off it we go to dinner w/ N&O to Steak n Shake and get mad food poisoning. Mine only lasted like 3 hours (a fun filled 3 hours where I think I lost 8 pounds!) but Chaz got it way worse. He has been puking every two hours for the past 12 hours. I took him to the doc and it was so bad that they had to give him a shot (he is knocked out now). So I am home from work early and he used his new/last sick day. Schnikes.
We are on a 1st name basis w/ our doc though. :) March is sooo not our month! At least we are insured though....Sigh, now I must go clean the bathroom....you don't want to know (and I dont wanna do it).

Happy Monday.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday night

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Yesterday we had our trees done. Oh the excitement. I got to leave work early due to spring break (after I restocked the gardener w/ a bazillion new plants). Then I went to Home Depot for me and bought a bunch of petunias for that lil island out front where the light post is. I should have taken a pic! I'll get around to it.
That knocked me out so Chaz and I napped then woke up to meet the old Siemens crew at Houlihans for 2 peeps birthdays. It was nice to see the old crew. There were about 14 of us there and luckily we got the one big table :)
Amy O was gonna come down but got sick :(
Tracy was also supposed to come visit from NC but I havent heard back from her yet so I dunno is she is coming still.
Today we have a bbque to attend to tonight. I really wanted to go to the beach but it is 60 out so alas, another time yet again.
No other excitement.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

How I know I made the right choice :)

I went to my mailbox and my new doc office already sent me a welcome pack. In it it included an appt reminder date and a map with directions. The envelope even had a lovely sticker to seal it. They also sent me my paperwork "so that they could spend more time one on one with me instead of doing paperwork during my appointment." Schnikes! Are you kidding me?!?!?
I am already sold on them.
They had me at hello.
No really- they did- they actually talked to me- what a concept!

The Battle with my jacka** excuse of an OB GYN :)

So I have been battling it out with my now former OB GYN.
It got to be sooo ridiculous that I had to resort to scare tactics on his butt. Here is the abridged version of what happened.

Piss me off moment #1: Trying to get an appt there first of all-
they try to pull the 8 weeks BS but if you complain enough they get you in sooner. That is not moment #1 though. So I have been doing all this charting crap and I brought my stuff in to my appt and you know what the doc did? He put it in my folder without reading it. That did not fly well. He then asked me a question in which I responded "Well if you would look at the chart I just gave you, you would already know that information."

Piss me off moment #2: After being in the waiting room I was escorted to the doctors office. I sat there alone. For OVER two hours. Are you kidding me? Granted, I got to take lots of crazy pics w/ all that weird equipment and posters w/ my camera phone to pass the time- but ridiculous. It wasn't just me- all of the rooms were full. They didnt want the waiting room to look so bad so that herded women in to different rooms.

Piss me off moment #3: (I am skipping many)- I inform my doc that there will be a lapse in insurance for me since my man is switching jobs so I need to take care of everything now while we are insured. Wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't just waited two hours and he wanted to send me somewhere for blood work .
I end up getting the blood work done in which I had to go somewhere else to get done. Not really sure what the results were. He said he thinks I might have PCOS. Did you catch the word 'thinks' Um- hello- why did I get blood work done? I could have just rolled dice or picked a straw to get a 'thinks' response. Give me a break.

Oh wait- it gets better. Since my insurance is now officially gone for a month in about 5 minutes....he prescribes Metformin for me. Metformin is a Diabetic drug. Do I have Diabetes- no. Do I have PCOS? I don't know. Was I just tested for it though? Yup. Do I have an answer? Not so much. So I am taking a drug for something that I may not have.
We could go into the side effects of Metformin but I will spare you.
Thankfully I have a friend who I know who has PCOS & who has been a sanity lifesaver and giving me all of the real answers. Yeah for her!!!

No wait- it gets better.
So I scheduled my follow up appt in which I was told to get a sonogram done. Of course, they don't do it on site so again, more time off of work and driving to find this place. So I get an external and internal sonogram done. That was over 2 weeks ago. They said my doc would tell me the results within 3 days.
So I wait. And I wait. And I wait.
Then I call EVERY single freakin day (after those 3 days) leaving a memo for my doc to call me. After 13 days of this- I decided it was getting old.

Piss me off moment #4b: So today I wrote my OB GYN a letter and faxed it at 8:01. Oh it was such a good letter that he personally called me within 5 minutes of receiving it.

Oh wait- I missed a moment-(Moment #5) I did get something in the mail from the doc about my tests being in normal range-BUT it was tests that I did not have done!!!!!!!!!!!That was such a joke that I am keeping it for prosperity!

So while I am talking with my ob gyn on the phone this morning- he had the odascity to try to make me feel bad!!! He was telling me how his partner is no longer with his practice (smart woman...I can see why she left) and that he was insulted that I felt that way- are you kidding me?!?!?! Let me shed a tear for you- not! I have left his office in tears on numerous occasions- trust me- not feeling an ounce of sympathy for the way this place was treating me.

No wait- it gets better!

So I want answers.
So I ask him straight up - "Do I have PCOS or not according to the sonogram?"
His response was not a yes or no.
It was "You have features of PCOS." FEATURES!?!?!?
So there you have it. I still don't really have an answer! RIDICULOUS. "Features' will be classified as ridiculous piss me off moment #6.

So I am supposed to try the Metformin for a few weeks. In a few weeks I am supposed to go and get some 'painful' test done according to him that isnt covered by insurance and is expensive. Oh joy. I spent about 40 minutes on the phone today looking for a better doc. I am going with my friends recommendation- then again, I couldn't do any worse.

So yes- by getting blood work done, various sonograms, and various meetings with the OB GYN- I have no answers and have learned nothing other than it is time to get a new doctor :)
Is it wrong that I want to tell him that I 'think" I might have 'features' of someone who might want to beat him over the head....but I might not. But I might. I'll let him him know in 3 days.

I am so going to hell

Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
So Mike is on vacation. That is not fair.
So 1/2 the staff and I got together and did this in like 10 minutes.
I forgot to take a pic of the ceiling ones!
Enjoy- more pics on FLICKR.
Now keep in mind- my Knight was stolen while I was gone so it is only fair.:)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


So here is a pic of one of my most favorite trees. I have no idea why the yellow and pink ones won't bloom at the same time. The yellow is so my favorite though.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where did my day go?

So after work today I got home, brought in the garbage cans, scooped the poop, Chaz got home- and bam- we passed out for a few hours.. Crap! We woke up and its time for bed.

I am so thrilled to have a program asst again. Since she isnt a UCFer- I got to give her a tour of campus on the golf cart. Showed her all the food places, the gyms, our new Towers, met the Credit Union crew, met Arup, gave her the backstage tour of all the bldg secrets and history, took her to the storage unit, to Sonnys, and each day this week we cover 3-5 topics of what my office oversees. Worked out well that it is over spring break. So far she is a really good fit and she is super clean- the office has never been so sparkly clean b4 :) It is so nice to have a team again.

Not sure if I mentioned before about the book drive my office ended up with (daughter of 2 librarians I guess...). So one of the ambassadors spoke w/ my Dean and got im pumped about the idea of a book drive and all the books will go to needy universities in the Carribbean that have zero. No big deal right? Wrong. I am getting THOUSANDS of books. I can guarantee that I had the weight of one TON in my car today when I took them to the storage unit. Not sure how shippin will work. So if I cringe at the sight of books- now you know why.

So this week at work is dedicated to training my new girl who rocks, do some summer institute planning and hopefully start on an NSF grant over the DOE grant.

Havent found any snakes in the house this week :)
We did get Ben's bday party gift- its a cool garage tent playhouse thing that comes w/ an inflatable chair, a sleeping bag w/ roads and airplanes on it, a flashlight, a toy car- its cool- i want the princess version of it though for myself.
Thats all my news since I slept through the rest of my day.....I have 2 parties to go to this weekend, 2 sets of old friends that might visit, and a play that I would like to go see on top of HW. Maybe I will just sleep though. We will see.

Monday, March 12, 2007


We are toying with a few ideas for vacation spots this May. Tropical is the ideal.
We were thinking a cruise but it will be in between semesters so who isn't thinking cruise is my worry. Key West is an option but again- same issue. Been to NY & Vegas too recently. Maybe New Orleans? Hmmmm. Any suggestions?


Originally uploaded by drjeeeol.
Here is a lil sunshine for anyone having a bad day!
Mike Rowe is the new spokesperson for Ford (http://www.autobloggreen.com/2007/03/03/dirty-jobs-host-mike-rowe-pitches-for-ford-is-biodiesel-too-d/)

Oh happy days- it doesn't get any hotter than that, well- unless it was an F250 being delievered to me by Mike Rowe and that I won it in a raffle and it came with a year supply of Sonnys....now that would be hot too). I am now cured and my Ifluenza is gone. Thanks Mike Rowe!

Felling better finally

I am finally starting to feel better! I am still congested and tired but am 100 times better.
I was too exhausted to use my time wisely and get all my HW done. Blah.

My new program assistant started on Friday. We call her MC. So far she is fabulous. She graduates this semester from Rollins w/ an English degree. Then she wants to start a master's prog here. I think she is going to work out well. It is so nice to have a partner in crime again!

In other news- I have absolutely had it w/ my ob gyn doc. Today was the final straw. I had tests done over a week ago in which he was to call me back about. He hasn't called back in 10 days- oh and I have called and left reminders everyday. Then I get results sent to me in the mail for something I wasn't even testing for. Ridiculous. So I made an appt w/ someone new for the end of the month.

We also met w/ our accountant for taxes. Glad to get all of that stuff taken care of. Now Chaz and I can figure out vacation plans for May. We try to do an annual trip with the Roses so we will probably look into that. Campus is a ghost town w/ Spring Break!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Let me start out this story a few days ago. When I started to get sick, my shoulder/neck muscles were killing me. They were painful to the touch even. So I went in the hot tub alone. No big deal right? Later that night (probably due to watching Snakes on a Plane and also the Dirty Jobs episode of catching snakes) I had a nightmare about being alone in the hot tub at night and snakes slitthered up to the hottub, stretched, and slid into it with me while my eyes were closed and then someone shut the lid on me :o Eeek- scary, right!?!

Now shoot over to reality. We are home sick and I told Chaz we need to go out into the yard to get some fresh air since we have been inside cooped up watching movie after movie. So Chaz goes to get his shoes on, I open the sliding glass door and go to get a drink. Monkee starts going ballistic. Not his normal ballistic but the 'hell no you need to get away from my family' ballistic. Let us interject here how Monkee is like the best dog in the whole wide world. Don't get me wrong- Goldens are great but what I love about Monkster is his over protective qualities. I tell Monk to show me what he is freaking out over- and he alerts me to a GINORMOUS snake in our patio pool enclosure. Schnikes! Take a look!


Are you kidding me with this!? This is so not cool! So I immediatly do the girly "eeeek" and scoot both boys into the house and lock the door and get Chaz. Oh but wait- it gets better. So we go outside to devise a plan to get this demon snake out of the pool area. I saw him go behind the hot tub so I go took over and guess what I see? He freakin multiplied!!!!!!


So now I am freaked out- do I have a swarm of snakes? Sooo not cool. So Chaz busts out the hook saw on the extension pole and me with the hose. What a site. Now keep in mind we are both sick so anything strenuous knocks us out in about 4 minutes. Now add in heat and we are out in like 2 minutes. Not good. We had to switch roles and that didnt go over to well- I wasnt strong enough to hold up the lawn equipment that long so I exchanged it for my giant fluffy blue duster on a pole :) I call her the Blue Monster. So I got stuck with climbing on top of the hottub and scooting the snakes out the door that we opened to the outside (Chaz vetoed my idea of getting the gun......). I scared one out while he scooted it out w/ the pool net. Momma snake though was pissed and went to the back of the pool area. We cant leave her there b/c 1.) She might hurt one of the dogs and 2.) She might come in through the doggie door! So we spent like the next 45 minutes trying to get the snake out w/ out killing it. She rolled into this coil shape in a crevice area of the pool- I could have stabbed her and be done w/ it but I wussed out. We tried power hoseing her out and it was like a water massage to her. Long story short, together we got her out. :)

But here is where I am freaking out. We got momma and baby out. Where is Daddy snake?......Also, the past 2 days I had the sliding glass door open to get fresh air in here and now I am freaked out that there are snakes in here. If they are- we are moving.

So now we are exhausted. The comical thing- we laid our heads on the bed and what do we hear? Boom, boom, boom, schreeeek- the devil basketball players are back. They have this magical power of knowing how to just start playing the MOMENT our heads touch the pillow. They play until it is time to wake up. How do they know? Oh well. We take comfort in knowing that we sent the snakes over to their house :)

So the flu sucks. I keep tissues in both nostrils. It is a rather trendy look. Chaz calls them my nose bullets. We are the epitome of hotness right now...not really. However, I am sure we make Mike Rowe proud today b/c that was a Dirty Job! Speaking of which- did you all see the Ford commercial by Mike Rowe during American Idol? Hot dog- I almost got off my couch to go by a Ford, but then we passed out from exhaustion :)

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Sigh. Charles & I are both home sick. We went to the doc after having temps of 102.4. They stuck Q-tips up our noses to determine if we have Influenza. Schnikes- sounds like a bird flu. We are a mess. Muscle aches, snot filled heads, burnin up so that it looks like you just got out of the shower- ugh. Misery loves company though. It is very nice having someone else here w/ tissue up their nostrils :) In between passing out today I am on a de-germ the house kick (Lysol, washing sheets, clothes, etc).
Back to bed for me now.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ruth's Chris

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Tonight, despite being sick as a dog and coughing up a lung, we went to Ruth's Chris for our anniversary and also got to use our gift certificate from my luncheon. The ambiance there rocks. They say your name every chance they get, the setting is oober romantic, they bring you an anniversary dessert w/ a candle (which their cheese cake w/ fruit rocks like no other)- however- the food at Del Friscos totally spanked them.That was my story (and no- I am not naked in the car in this picture!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Look at the love!

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First of all- how hot is this!?! Men w/ power tools. Purrrrr. Mike Rowe is taking the back seat to Chuckstar today.
And how cute is Monkee gazing up at his daddy fixin stuff!

What is wrong with this picture?

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1.) This is what it would look like if a Golden Retriever fell out of a plane w/out a parachute.

This dog thinks he is Superman.
At least he stopped ripping out all of his long hair from the middle of his tail!
His latest thing- the palm tree keeps dropping hundreds of those nut seeds and he likes to chew them, skin them, and eat them.

Hours of Entertainment

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So this is what my dog does for 8 continuous hours. He is neurotic. He has the only worse case of OCD than me. His foot got dirty or wet so he has to clean every last crevice of it.
But look at those big brown beautiful eyes!

Todays lesson: Ghetto Fabulousness

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So today we will talk about ghetto rigging. Our garage door opener stopped working. Chaz went to check it out. Here are the issues:
Problem #1: Its broken- duh
Problem #2: It's dirty- look- it has cobb webs
Problem #3: The gears are stripped.
Problem #4: If you look at where I am pointing, you will see where the previous owners ghetto rigged it so that our garage door opener device is not held up with boths- but rather......a key ring.

Boat Show

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Here is Chaz w/ M&L at the boat show this past Sunday. I love the Fun Deck boats but Chaz is a center console kind of guy. We butt heads on that one. I can't help that I like the more fun boat ;) Really- I would be happy w/ a canoe (AKA Ganoe- flat back canoe where you put a lil portable motor on the back). Now that is much more my style. No insurance, no maintenance, I can drag it, I don't have to finance it and it doesnt take gas!).
The boat show was alright. Nothing I can really afford w/out financing of course. Some poor woman was hopping into a lil sport boat and when she got in, the front raised up into the air so she got off quickly and it went 'boom'- how mortifying!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

3 Year Anniversary

So our 3 year anniversary weekend sort of snuck up on us. We had this stellar plans of going on a romantic getaway weekend to the beach but with a 50% chance of rain and 55 degree weather, we decide to scratch those plans :( Our back up plans were all outdoor stuff too so we got hosed. We thought of going to Animal Kingdom, Disney, Air boat riding, St. Augustine, New Symerna, Cocoa, even Gatorland...

We realized we had to do something indoors but I wanted to go somewhere new. We started to head out to the Titanic exhibit (whats hotter than viewng the demise of hundreds of love birds underwater...?!) but then we figured that would be lame. So we ended up at IHOP which was an exciting experience. From there we went to Riplets Believe It Or not- cheesy but a good time. Plus while we were there we saw the most perfectly related anniversary exhibit:


It read "What are the long term effects of marriage, then is followed by this lovely pic:


and then


We still had time to kill after our 'adventure' so we decided to check out Pointe Orlando. Holy lameness- talk about a ghost town. First of all we got there- and we were the ONLY ones to be seen or heard. 90% of the stores and the movie theater were closed! And it was drizzling out so we ventured out to the center of hell known as Mall of Millenia (Waterford's sister). We putzed around there and had a good time. I got some girly Yankee Candle stuff for the house and CHaz got some cheesy video games (including golf rated 'mature'- um dont ask!). We also went thru the car wash. Then we had dinner at McCormicks. Oh - if you ever go there- make reservations to eat in what is called "the Snug'- it is like a private booth behind curtains...

Last night I dont know what happened. It was a looong day at work - the interviews just killed me (but I should soo blog about those those too later!). Chaz had a haircut and after that we had to go and get Monday brkfst for work. That wiped us. I even fell asleep during Dirty Jobs. We must be fighting some kind of cold though b/c we passed out for 11 1/2 hours :o
I just got home and flipped my calendar to March and just saw that yesterday was Simones 21st bday- crap- I totally missed it b/c I 4got to flip my calendar. Are you kidding me!?!?!? Ugh!

We might do the boat show 2morrow. More soon.

Hot romance

Nothing says hot romance like IHOP on I-Drive!


How we ended up here is a long story but it was sun. We were the only white people there and we had this romantic lil booth off to the side where we could hear the wait staff talk about how they used to get paid more as a drug dealer but he didnt have anything to do with that Sherry girl getting hooked on crack. Oh well- the food was really good and it was an adventure.

The next picture is of the mystery light switches ABOVE us on the ceiling. Whats up with that!?!


And of course, who can resist the hot romance of Skull Kingdom in the background?


Dinner with "The Roses"

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Okay not really- it was just the two of us ;)
Here we are at McCormmich and Schmits (sp?).
We had a $50 gift certificate and a $25 off coupon- what a great combination!Filet was fabulous but this pace doesnt have a thing on Del Friscos!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


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My dog loves to sit in front of the TV and watch shows. Here we are chillin watchin American Idol together.